The First Non Blood War


August 2nd, 2008 - August 22nd, 2008



Kittredge & United Alliance Victory



  • Kit takes control Of 2091riveraisrael's War Efforts...
  • 2091riveraisrael's Linkin Park Fan OF War enters Bankruptcy...


Michigan United States

The First Nero War Was a War that took place in 2008, 2 days after the Release of An American Girl Kit Kittredge. The Conflict was known to be fought between 2091riveraisrael and Kit Kittredge, for strategic control of 2091riveraisrael's War efforts. It was discovered by Jack, that Kit was the one who started the war mostly because of her being jealous that 2091riveraisrael spends more of his time with the L.F.O.W than with her.

Prelude Edit

War Edit

The First Nero War, also known as the First Non Blood War was a conflict between the The Linkin Park Fans Of War, and the newly created Kittredge Legion, for strategic control of 2091riveraisrael's War Efforts. As the L.F.O.W more or less held a highly lucrative monopoly over the vital Kittredge lands and hang out spots, throughout Michigan. It was almost inevitable that they would be prepared to secede from the United Alliance, once the Kittredge Legion was outta of the way.

The The L.F.O.W forces then seized control of large towns in the U.A side, causing Kit's father Jack Kittredge to join the War Effort. The better trained and equipped U.A forces managed to retreat intact and in good order to wage a guerrilla campaign that sapped the strength of the L.F.O.W forces. Meanwhile, Kit Kittredge arrives with reinforcments and smashed into the Norus region, obliterating the entire L.F.O.W forces from right in their rear while they were engaged with the U.A forces. In the heat of the battle, 2091riveraisrael began to draw his forces out of the Norus region, and strenagthen his perimeter around the Kittredge family home at Karnage town, which was liberated 2 weeks later. The U.A elements than linked with The Kittredge legion and pushed onward towards Mission Site.

Mission Site came under fire, and was known to be the main supplier of Fire Arms to the Linkin Park Fan Of War. This final defeat led to the End of the first Nero War, with Kit Kittredge celebrating her victory by jumping endlessly on her bed, and hugging her father at the same time. 2091riveriarael's war Efforts were shattered, leaving the L.F.O.W now under bankruptcy and Chaos.

The Linkin Park Fan Of War's epic defeat during the First Nero war, coupled with the eventual mass exile of all of its personnel to the hostile regions that now belonged to Jack and Kit Kittredge, leading to 2091riveraisrael in creating a more powerful Fan Milita rather than using just people.

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

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