Fall of New York
Invasion of New York
Date: December 31st, 1991 - January 1st, 1992
Conflict: Far Away War
  • Trade Federation occupies New York...
  • New York City turned into a Wasteland...
  • Trade Federation seize control of New York...
  • US Military dig in around Manhattan Island...
  • Federation occupation of New York commences...
Region: New York, North America
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Fall of New York was a massive Aerial Invasion conducted by the Trade Federation during the opening events of the Far Away War on December 31st 1991, before ending on the night of January 1st 1992. The Invasion was picked up immediately after the Trade Federation had conquered Florida in South East America, beginning the great Invasion of Earth.

The United States Military despite putting up a valiant aerial and ground defense, were out matched by the Trade Federation's advance technologies and Shielding, forcing the United States to abandon New York City, and escape into both Upstate New York and New Jersey.

The Battle left the Island of Manhattan a wasteland, with most of the New York city residents being transfered into labor camps that were constructed by the Trade Federation in Florida, before some were constructed in New York by August 2nd.

In the aftermath of the Invasion, New York was sealed into a Fortress by the Trade Federation with Walls seperating multiple ave's with the other. A New York resident would need to acquire permission by either a Federation command droid or a Neimoidian sector driver, in order to enter the next sector of the city, or to leave it.


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