April 2nd, 2171


December 4th, 2172


Over FS7 Controlled Equestria


Universal Generation...

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The MoonWalker Ship Yards was a space platform operated by the FS7 Orbital Defense. It was destroyed by the UEF Armed Forces who raided the shipyards and snatched Riverian Star Arora, and Hail Arora-class battlecruisers, and glass ships the Admiral instructed in order to defeat the Universal Generation reinforcements.

Construction Over Equestria 2171 Edit

It was constructed at April 2, 2171. But unlike the Fleet Battlestation Starbeam, it has 18 dry-docks as every Fleet Battlestations has more docks. The FS7 Armed Forces has transported the shipyards to Equestria, in which the FS7 has controlled the Equestrian Space.

Compartments Edit

Fuel StorageEdit

The FS7OB has thirty-six fuel storages supplied by Raider Dropshiops carrying an unknown type of fuel which reveals itself to be a dark purple liquid and some strange type of artifacts that is mostly used for Solar power, while the UEF appeared to use Nuclear reactors and/or helium as primary fuel on every UEF Fuel Storages and helium-6 as secondary. It was destroyed during the raid.


The FS7 Orbital Defense appears to have an armory consisted of every weaponry they have. The armory was kept until under attack by a joint operation between the UEF and the UED.

Military LoungeEdit

This shipyard has a military lounge in which every FS7OD personnel were to get repaired, and hang around, and drink aroraian fuel. when they're patrol shift around the Star Walks has ended. It was the counterpart of the Fleet Battlestation Starbeam's Military lounges. The Fleet has raided the shipyards as an act of avenging every pony who was glassed by the FS7's ruthless genocidal antics.

Space PortEdit

The MoonWalker Shipyards has only 4 space ports with dry-docks - 3 to the SE, 4 to the NE, 5 to the SW, and 6 to the NW - which is more similar to the Dylarian Shipyards, but the shipyards were differed from the Fleet Battlestations it has - the Fleet Battlestations of the United Earth Federation appears to have more dry docks than the two were. It was until raided by a UED-UEF Strike Force as an act of avenging every ponies.

The Attack Of December 2172 Edit

When the Federation Strike 7 has control over its shipyards, the appearance of the United Earth Federation Armed Forces and its expeditionary force has begun its raid. The FS7 Orbital Defense has been alarmed by the UEF-UEF sending its strike teams to capture the Rivera-class battlecruisers. Despite the FS7 Armed Forces' weaponry are causing little damages for the UEF forces armed with MW3-like weapons, the UED pilots stole the battlecruisers the Admiral ordered. When the battlecruisers arrived with the main fleet, the unexpected counterattack by the FS7 Fleet arrived led by Dictator Horace Highland Rivera and Dark Sparkle. They were surprised to themselves facing soldiers from the New Earth but resolved to attack. The FS7 Armada was defeated by the stolen battlecruisers and the defense forces were impressed into the fleet.