FS7 Star Navy

A Graph of the Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7 Star Navy...

The Rivera Federation: Federations Strike 7 Star Fleet
Composes of Rivera Federation Star Arora, class Cruisers and Hail Arora Class Battleships. Their first Successful Arora Tyrus Class Carrier, the RHM Punk Star, made the beginning of Carriers for the FS7 Navy. It would also mark a historical event In Rivera Federation History, for the Rivera Federation has never once used Carriers during their early Conflicts In Hora. The only ships that was considered to be constructed by the FS7 Was the RHM Hail Fire, and the which would later be known as the 4th Sister of the Orbital Star Sisters, and the RHM Disaster, a Ship that was never completed...

Carriers Edit

The FS7 during the early days of the Universal War rarely constructed any Carriers from Beltlogger 5 at the time, But after the Occupation of Fera, In 2164, Carriers were later Manufactured to serve in the FS7 Star Fleet. These carriers were heavily armored and were known to be bigger than those of the Star Arora Class Cruisers and Battleships, the standard Military War ships in Rivera Federation Military History...

The First Carrier to ever be launched In Rivera Federation History would be the RHM Punk Star Constructed From Beltlogger 5 In 2172, months before the FS7 Invasion of Equestria in December... After the success of the Punk Star, the FS7 Controlled Beltlogger 5 Began a mass produce of newly made Arora Tyrus Class Carriers.

Battleships & Cruisers Edit

Star Arora ClassEdit

Star Arora's were known as the first ships in Rivera Federation history developed from the years of B.E. to today. They were known to be heavily armored and Fast, despite their large size. Th

The RHM GRA Is a fine Example of A Star Arora Class Cruiser...

e first Star Arora Cruisers that were constructed from B.E. to B.C. were known to be the Orbital Star Sisters, Featuring the RHM Olympus the first to ever be created in B.E. The RHM GRA, the second Sister ship to be manufactured, in 62, B.C. The RHM Venom. the Third Sister Ship that was constructed In 51B.C. and the Youngest and final one, The RHM Hail Fire, constructed and commisioned from Beltlogger 5, In 2177, by the R.F.F.S.7...

Despite many other ships being developed after the Olympus, in the years of B.E. to Ga. The Orbital Star Sisters, were known to be the most strongest ships in Rivera Federation space naval history, which made them the top Cruisers of the Star Arora Class.

Hail Arora ClassEdit

The Hail Class of the Rivera Federation Star Navy Were no different than their Star Arora Counter parts, but were known to be More Armored and more slower than those of the S
Hail Arora Battleships

RHM's Dagger, (Lower Left) Jupiter II, & (Center) Tarterus, (Top Right) were Fine Examples of Hail Arora Class Battleships/Glassers...

tar Arora's. These ships were also known to be Glassers, of the Rivera Federation Military, but glassing was never once used during their History until the FS7 Take over in 2158, where they were used for the first times in their History. On Planets, Fera, Dorgorna, Equestria, and Earth.

The Most feared Ships was RHM Dagger, Tartarus, and Jupiter II, For they were the ones that have caused the destruction of both Jarson Space Port On Dorgorna, the Destruction of Froggy Bottom Bog, In Equestria, The entire West Half of Fera's wooded terrain in 2170, and The Intense destruction of a full scale Universal Earth Alliance Retreat In 2169 during the first battle Of New Gunghollow. These 3 Flying monsters remained hoovering FS7 Controlled Chicago day & Night, until they are called for Orbital Bombardment. These Ships finally met their end in 2206, when they were attacked by U.E.A Cruisers During the Second Battle Of New Gunghollow..

These ships were feared throughout the whole Rivera Federation War, but ever since the Victory at New Gunghollow In 2206, Much of the Glassing ships have been shot out of the sky, all over the Earth, reducing much of the Glassing Ship production to about 20% Or even lesser than that.

FS7 Planet CrackersEdit

RHM Hail FireEdit

The Rivera Federation RHM Hail Fire was the most Largest and dangerous Flag ship in the entire FS7 Rivera Federation Space Navy, It was known as a world destroyer that is able to take worlds apart, by special tethers that connect to the worlds service and is able to yank the surface out of the ground with ease, The Hail Fire was often Used during the Rivera Federation Occupation of Soul 13 or better known as the Milky Way Galaxy. It was destroyed by the Forces Of the Universal Earth Alliance over Rivera during the final years of the Rivera Federation War.

The Hail Fire just like all of the other Rivera Federation Battle Ships contains a stereo system as well, the only difference is that this is a much more advanced Stereo System, that can play to
We Are The Hail Fire!

The RHM Hail Fire was the first, and Only, Planet Cracker to be Developed from Beltlogger 5 In Rivera Federation History...

a grand total of about 20,000 songs more or higher depending on how many the operator puts in, and that is located in the Hull of one of the Cargo Sections of the ship. Many of the citizens in the Gundam Universe began to call the Hail Fire, Flying R. Station, due to the fact that the Sound Waves of the music bombards the battlefield so hard that it can tear mobile suits apart with exactly no problem at all. It has the exact same column and power as the R. Station that is located on the ground. The Stereo System is located inside the ship in order for it to be protected from any airborne threats such as Gundams and Earth Battle ships.

However Due to intense battle that occurred Near the old Zeon Solar Ray weapon Young Harrison Rivera manages to enter the Hail Fire Hanger and with his Beam rifle manages to blow the Stereos Cables that are connecting to the system apart, bringing complete silence to the battle, the only thing that was herd of the stereo was intense static and snow. As the Battle drew to a close, Rivera Federation Engineers managed to get the Stereo up and running again, but it was hopeless the battle to control the solar ray weapons has failed and also resulting in the damaging of the Advance Stereo System by the Solar Ray Weapons, leaving a large hole in the cargo section of the ship.

RHM DisasterEdit

The RHM Disaster was a future Planet Cracker that was under Construction during the final Events of the Rivera Federation War. The Project was abandoned after the Destruction Of both the RHM Venom, and Hail Fire, Right in Rivera's Orbit In 2215.

A Fleet Divided Edit

After the Occupation Of Beltlogger Sector The FS7, was later reformed into the Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7, after Completely dismantling Rivera's Primary Military Branch the Rivera Federation. The FS7 Later sized control of many Rivera Federation Naval Cruisers as well as constructing some of their own.

The R.F.F.S.7. Space Fleet Was Divided into 4 Sections.

The Stars Of SorrowEdit

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The Hells StarsEdit

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Planet Glassers Of HoraEdit

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Galactic ConquestsEdit

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