Expdtnary Admrl Grant's Dreadnought
Sierra Six online, Expeditionary Admiral.
Found in Post-Equestrian Conflicts

Pre-Equestrian Conflicts

Used by Expdtnary Admrl Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope
Health 1500 (Health), 2000 (Shield)
Weapons Dual V3 Rocket Launchers
Actions Destroys enemy locations
Kills Too many
Invulnerable? Yes
Status Active
Expeditionary Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope's Dreadnought was a specially upgraded Dreadnought-class heavy assault ship, which stands taller than any other Dreadnoughts and has/sports more communication apparatus. Apart from appearance and minor armor upgrade, this type of Dreadnought are not different from the ordinary Dreadnought. However it was being teleported by Engineer Lieutenant Yura Petrenko - The Reverse-Engineering Guy's special transportation weapon - the Chrono-Teleporter.


  • Unike the Red Alert 2 counterparts, this class has anti-air defences (Anti-Air Laser Defences).
    • However, like the original and ordinary TGWDL Wiki's Dreadnoughts, it has Anti-Air Laser Defences.
  • It was transported by Yura's special transportation weapon - the Chrono-Teleporter.
    • The Chrono-Teleporter was an ability attached to the DSS Aleksander, which can transport the Admiral's Dreadnought. The Chrono-Teleporter was connected to the Korhal-class Chrono-Teleporter, which keeps the Dreadnought safe.
  • Though it was never used by any UER personnel, it was still used by the Expeditionary Admiral and the UEF Expeditionary Forces personnel.
    • However, during the Expedition of Equestria and the Commissioned Officers Challenge, Violet/Starbeam Twinkle and the rest of the UER Loyalists were aboard the Dreadnought Sierra Six. It contains the Expeditionary Admiral's stories, diaries, and studies and educations, and others.
      • When the UER Loyalist Commander Violet/Starbeam Twinkle begins to read more, a US marine was seen saying not to read any of the Admiral's. But the Admiral orders him to stand down or else he'll say that this US marine will be getting off his ship. But the US marine is saying "Sir" and the Admiral then orders him to get some drink. The marine obeys his officer's order. The Admiral tells Starbeam to read whatever in his console.