Equestrian-Griffon War
Location Celestina

Griffon Kingdom

Result Imperial victory
Template:FlagCelestinaEmpire Celestina Empire Template:FlagGriffonKingdom Griffon Kingdom
Commanders and leaders
Template:FlagCelestinaEmpire Princess Celestia

Template:FlagCelestinaEmpire Princess Luna

Template:FlagGriffonKingdom Emperor Tail Feather
Units involved
Celestina Empire Armed Forces Griffon Kingdom Armed Forces
Hundreds of thousands of soldiers, sailors, pilots, and marines

Hundreds of tanks, armored ships, and planes

Millions of soldiers, air-griffons, marines, and sailors

Thousands of ships

Casualties and losses
Thousands of civilians and personnel Millions of civilians and personnel
The Equestrian-Griffon War is a conflict between the Celestina Empire and the Griffon Kingdom. The Griffon Kingdom was responsible for starting the war due to its anti-Celestina policies. This results in the invasion of the Celestina Empire by the Griffon Kingdom, which managed to surround Canterlot with its airships. However, when news of the 1st Grenadier/Infantry Regiment returns, the Griffon Kingdom postpones the battle of Canterlot as they focus on the regiment. However, the Griffon airships and warships were unable to destroy the regiment due to it accompanied by a large fleet and a large air force from the Germane Empire, which sent aid to the Celestina Empire. The 1st Grenadier Regiment lands with medium resistance, which was decimated by battleship fire and fighter-bomber fire.

When the 1st Infantry Regiment arrives, it brought in Renault FT tanks from Prance. Also bringing more were grenades, machine guns, fighter-bombers, bombers, and fighters - all were turning the tide against the Griffon war machine. Even anti-aircraft weapons were useful against Griffon airships. Trucks and halftracks were brought in transporting infantry, turning the worst for the Griffon Kingdom. Armored ships such as battleships, frigates, aircraft carriers, and submarines were also brought alongside carrier-based aircraft, which proves itself worthy to take down the Griffon Air Force. When the Griffon Kingdom's military focus on the regiment, the Entente and the Central Powers, forming the Coalition, intervenes and deploys more forces to the Empire. This caused the Griffon military to go into the defensive and copy everything from the Germane Empire.

Days after days of fighting, the Celestina Empire was secured and liberated by the Coalition. With the Griffon Kingdom in full retreat, a punitive expedition was made and the Griffon Kingdom later capitulates when the 1st Tank Infantry Regiment storms the Griffonian castle and captures Tail Feather. The 1st Tank Infantry Regiment returns to Germaneigh to remove the tanks, only for the 2nd Boxer Rebellion to happen.

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