Empire of Falmart
Imperium Falmart
Flag of Falmart
National languages Imperial
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 •  Emperor Molt Sol Augustus
 •  Prime Minister Marquis Casel
Legislature Imperial Senate
 •  Upper house Imperial House of Councillors
 •  Lower house Imperial House of Representatives
 •  National Foundation Day 687 BCE 
 •  Augustus constitution December 18, 1897 
 •  Current constitution July 12, 1948 
The Empire of Falmart, also known as Falmart, is a country in the Falmartian continent. The Empire of Falmart consist of central Falmart, eastern Falmart, and southeastern Falmart.

The Empire of Falmart is a member of the League of Nations, the G7, the G,12, and the G21 and is considered a great power.



Falmart maintained one of the largest military budgets of any country in the world. The Prime Minister holds control over the FDF during peacetime, while the Ministry of Defense governed it during wartime. The Falmartian Defense Force consists of the Falmartian Ground Defense Force, the Falmartian Air Defense Force, and the Falmartian Maritime Defense Force.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Empire of Falmart was inspired by Scarlet thinking of a GATE fanfic which involved Falmart and Earth had their roles reversed.

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