The Eastern Sovereign Faction (ESF) is one of the five factions of the civil war. This faction was led by commander Borealis Norsoutha. The rivals of the Eastern Sovereign Faction was the Lenovski United Front, the Independent Tariff Directorate, the Highland Faction, and the Northern Islands Faction.

List of unitsEdit

ESF HeadquartersEdit

  • Task Force Aigaion
  • ESF HQ Staff
  • XXXII Marine Command Regiment
  • XII Marine Regiment
  • XXIV Armored Battalion
  • XIII Marine Regiment
  • XXV Armored Battalion
  • LXXII Armored Battalion
  • III Artillery Company
  • XXV Sea Attack Squadron
  • DCCLXXXIII Light Attack Squadron
  • Atlas Carrier Air Group
    • CXXXV SEAD Squadron
    • CXLIV Multirole Squadron
    • CLIV Fighter Squadron
    • CLX Strike Squadron

ESF Task Force NorthEdit

  • XIV Infantry Regiment
  • XXIX Armored Regiment
  • XII Parachute Battalion
  • I Armored Battalion
  • XIII Cavalry Brigade
  • XXVII Artillery Brigade
  • XV Mechanized Infantry Brigade
  • XVI Marine Regiment
  • XI Aviation Regiment

ESF Task Force WestEdit

  • XXII Armored Brigade
  • XXIII Armored Regiment
  • XXX Mechanized Infantry Brigade
  • II Artillery Battalion
  • III Artillery Battalion
  • V Marine Regiment
  • VII Cavalry Regiment
  • XXXI Infantry Brigade
  • III Fighter Squadron
  • XII SEAD Squadron

ESF Task Force EastEdit

  • XL Infantry Regiment
  • XXXIX Artillery Company
  • XXXVIII Armored Company
  • VI Mechanized Infantry Company
  • VIII Cavalry Company
  • IX Airborne Company
  • LVIII Armored Battalion
  • LIX Armored Brigade

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