Destruction Of Jard Platform

FS7 Fleet glasses Jarson Space Platform...

After losing much of the Platforms Princess Celestia, realizing The Platform is Lost, order a complete Evacuation of the Planet, and retreat to Ponyville, to link up with the rest of the military there. With time Running out and The FS7 Fleet closing in the Android citizens of Dorgorna Launched in Newly manufactured K-81 Troop transports from the Jarson Space Platform, while taking heavy fire from FS7 Hell from aboves. With both Jalo 2' and D-61' Star Fighters defending the evacuation, the FS7 Responded with cruisers, glassing the entire Port reducing several of the remaining Ponies to steak. The Evacuation was later granted to a wide spread panic causing some of the transports to leave with out millions of Android Citizens leaving to die in the glassing, only to get shot down by another cruiser in High altitude that was waiting.

Within Hours the entire Platform was incarcerated in ruins causing power to the main thrusters to fade. The surviving Dorgans, watched as their new constructed Platform along with many others on board plunge into the deep Clouds of the planet never to be seen again. Within Days the survivors of the FS7 Plague was willing to take up arms against the MoonWalkers in an attempt to avenge their fallen brothers, their fate would be lost in Operation Winger that would be launched in the Mid events of 2164. Despite most of the Dorgan People fleeing their home planet some remained behind launching guerrilla tactics against the Federation forces, where they continued until the end of the Occupation, In 2175.

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