The Departure from Earth, also known as the Retreat of the Federation, was an event by the United Earth Federation Expeditionary Fleet. During the Federation's stay on Earth, the bulk of the entire Federation fleets arrived to gather all of the entire Federation forces to return to New Sanctuary and the New Earth.


During the Federation's stay on Earth, the bulk of the entire Federation fleets arrived in to gather all of the entire Federation military forces. The officer in charge on New Sanctuary and the New Earth, Colonel Ivan Kravchenko, receives the transmission sent by Admiral Calliope that he is to gather the bulk of the Federation Armed Forces. Ivan fulfilled the orders and orders the entire fleets to move in and gather the expeditionary forces.

Calliope asked him if the Athena-class battlecruisers are up, which Ivan replied with a "yes". The first prototype have arrived just at low orbit and sends Hercules-class dropships to gather the departing Federation forces, with Ivan meeting with his commanding officer. Militaeradmiral Vassily then coducts the music "Farewell of Slavianka", which the Federation Music Band plays - which every FMBs plays.. Multiple soldiers then secures the perimiter for the deparing Federation forces. While the Federation was gathering their entire forces, the TSC and its allies noticed that the UEF have gathered all of the entire Federation forces. However, the Federation Black Guards and what remains of its forces attacks them.

The arrival of the Royal Equestrian Armed Forces also assisted in the exodus of the two organizations. During the Federation's retreat, the arrival of the United States Military Expeditionary Forces sent by the United States of Earth (also an ally of the UEF) have been positioned to assist in the exodus. With the remains of every UEF military camps around the world now taken by Federation forces. Federation forces and USE forces have finally gathered all of the entire coalition forces to head back to the New Earth and New Sanctuary.

The exodus of the UEF-USE armed forces to the two planets marked the end of the Federation's military presence on Earth in the Fallout universe.


Prime universeEdit

Fallout universe (all accidentally moved their forces in only to be attacked by the defense group)Edit


The result of the Federation Armed Forces' retreat caused every organizations to react. With the Federation's defeat, this caused an outbreak of a new war.[1]

Intermediate reactionsEdit

Here are the ones that reacts to the Federation's retreat, some of those are from the World of Harmony, in the TGWDL universe aka the Prime timeline. Those are:

Declarations of war against the TSC and its alliesEdit

The Federal Resolution No 1 was the first resolution created by Expeditionary Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope to declare a war on the TSC and its allies. Despite the Federation being alone, he was supported by those from the prime universe.