Daring Do
Mlp fim daring do by galvan19-d4oohbc

Daring Do tied up
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Adventurer, Treasure hunter
More info
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Cutie mark
Daring Do
Mlp fim daring do by galvan19-d4oohbc
Daring-Do tied up.
Nickname(s) Daring-Do
Affiliations Equestria
Status Alive
Birth Unknown
Daring Do was a character in MLP-FIM, seen in Read it and Weep. She made her appearance in The Search for Daring Do, a fanfiction which Daring Do was missing while in her third adventure, which involved the entire Coalition Directorate to find her.


She was a pegasus mare, her father, Fairing Do, gave her maps about the location. She might be a good adventurer but was finding the Sapphire Stone.


Some fanfictions features her with some characters. The Search for Daring Do might be the very first thing DeviantArtist ScarletMarine made.

The Search for Daring DoEdit



Since the problems begun in Diarchist Equestria and the Harmonian Space, the Ruling Council of the United Earth Federation and United Earth Directorate has monitored and solves the problem. Having witnessed the training of the Zerg and the civilization of the Protoss through out the entire space, the ruling councils finally agreed to find the one.

Learning that the problems is getting harder upon the World of Harmony, the UEF and the UED send their greatest admirals, Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope and Gerard DuGalle, to find about her whereabouts. As Jordan and John Bravo to the UEF and UED Fleet under DuGalle and Kelly, your objective is to find about her whereabouts and get here before she will be killed and her name, Daring Do.

Biography, etc.Edit

Mlp fim daring do by galvan19-d4oohbc
Daring Do


Daring Do



Notable For

Her adventures, being tied up by Grogar, assists MajCapt Dimitri H. Petrenko run his Weapon Store


Read It and Weep, The Search for Daring Do

Daring Do actually was an adventurer, always end up tied up by Grogar, argues with Young Admiral and both regret each other, and also helps Major Petrenko's Weapon Store, which was also has MLP-FIM Magazines.

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