DSS Aleksander
Appears in None
Found in Fallout of Equestria

Galactic War Equestrian Zombie War

Used by UED Armed Forces (UED Flagship)

MEF Armed Forces (Storm-class Aleksander)

Health 700
Weapons Armageddon Weapon/ATS-ATA Batteries,
Actions Missile barrages, ATA/ATS Auto-turrets
Kills None
Invulnerable? Yes
Status Destroyed (UED)

Active (Storm-class)

The DSS Aleksande was the United Earth Federation Expeditionary Fleet flagship. It was the home for the Expeditionary Admiral Young Admiral/Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope.


It was built on the Old Earth when it was destroyed by the Death Star. The DSS Aleksander begins leading the UEF Armed Forces, and made their arrival on the World of Harmony. It was the home of Young Admiral. It has a canteen, lab, bridge, sleeping quarters, and the Admiral's quarters.

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