Europe's Corruption
Date: 2167-2598
  • Continental Collapse...
  • Soul Cotinent Europe Deceased by 2598...
Surviving Continentals:
  • New Harrison Rivera 2014-2399
  • Mega Jerora Rivera 110,000BE - 2598
Replacement: Arora (Daughter Of Europe)

Corrupt Europe was Europe's final Years, after the Galactic War Starting In 2267 and working It's way to 2598. The Continent of once 50 States dropped down to 2, after both the events of the Galactic War, and the Death Rivera War. Europe eventually was renamed corrupted Europe due to the Continent being unstable, and short 47 Countries.

Europe entered full Corruption In 2598, when the final Continental Mega Jerora Rivera was shot down over the Atlantic disintegrating Romania, the final country In Europe, afterwards the entire Continent of Europe was forever gone, into Dark blue and light purple Dust after 2598.

After Galactic War & Death Rivera War Edit

The 21 Countries Down to 2 & 3 Back Up StatesEdit

Haunted EuropeEdit

Continent's Loss Of Hearths Edit

Collapse Of the 21 ContinentalsEdit

Surviving Continentals Edit

Operation New Harrison Edit

Death Of New Harrison RiveraEdit

Europe's Downfall Edit

Trivia Edit

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