There are controversies in The Galactic War for Domination Two, 3 commands, Global Command, Vection Command and Royal Command (Renamed after the fall of Ballistica Command) had reported that The great and Powerful Trixie, resurrected as The Goddess, was responsible for the deaths of Scarlet J. Ranger's favorite characters, Twilight Sparkle, some others killed Pinkamena Diane Pie, Scootz, AJ and RD. The Ministry of the Federal Affairs have to react about this, but it's unknown. The only person was Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope, commander of both the Federal Special Forces Security and the Federal Service of Special Forces. He, the ministry and commands begins creating and hiring the UED, Grant became the Grand Admiral of the UED Armed Forces, protoss, zerg, Raynor's Raiders, allied with Valerian's Dominion Fleet, and others, to react about this.

The controversies are:

  • The Deaths of the five characters Scarlet J. Ranger likes:
  1. Twilight Sparkle aka Twi- Status: KIA, transformed into a Drone, sparks the Scarlet J. Ranger's controversies
  2. Rainbow Dash aka RD- Status: KIA, sparks the Scarlet J. Ranger's controversies. Scarlet reacted that RD doesn't appeared, sparks Scarlet's non-controversy
  3. Scootaloo aka Scootz- Status: KIA, sparks the Scarlet J. Ranger's controversies
  4. Pinkamena Diane Pie aka Pinkie Pie - Status: KIA, sparks the Scarlet J. Ranger's controversies
  5. Applejack aka AJ- Status: KIA, sparks the Scarlet J. Ranger's controversies

Other controversies are:

  1. The Great and Powerful Trixie, now resurrected as The Goddess
  2. Raider ponies attacks Equestria's populations
  3. Deaths of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna
  4. Scarlet J. Ranger, part of Twilight Forces, has gone rogue and wants The Goddess killed in his alternative universe fiction
  5. Populations on Equestria, now dead, survived, taken shelter or turned into drones the Admiral saw
  6. UED Armed Forces, created as a non-controversy to watch Scarlet reacts
  7. Devastation of Earth (By The Goddess and her drones, but was pulled back by the UED in Calliope's fiction)
  8. Formation of the new United Earth Directorate Reaction Committee