Civil conflict in the Fillypines
Location Fillypines
Template:FlagFillypines Fillypines

Supported by:
Template:FlagAmareica United States of Amareica
Template:FlagMarestralia Marestralia
Template:FlagIndoneighsia Indoneighsia
Template:FlagNeighpon Neighpon
Template:FlagMarelaysia Marelaysia
Template:FlagMarerussia Marerussia
Template:FlagSouthCowrea South Cowrea
Template:FlagVietmane Vietmane


Template:FlagCPF CPF

Moro people: Template:FlagMareroNLF MNLF

  • Bangsamarero

Template:FlagMareroILF MILF
Template:FlagMarelu Marelu

Template:FlagJihay Marebu Sayyaf
Template:FlagJihay RSM
Template:FlagJihay JI
Template:FlagBangsamareroIFF BIFF

Supporters: Supporters:
Commanders and leaders
Template:FlagFillypines Ferdinand Marecos

Template:FlagFillypines Corazon Aquineigh
Template:FlagFillypines Fidel Ramane
Template:FlagFillypines Joseph Marestrada
Template:FlagFillypines Gloria Marecapagal-Arroyo
Template:FlagFillypines Benigno Aquineigh III


Template:FlagJAEC Field Captain Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon

Communist leaders

Islamic leaders
Marero leaders

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