Young Admiral
Scarletmarine oc by petirep-d4yglpv
Nickname(s) Sierra Six
Rank *Captain Commander
  • Expeditionary Admiral of the UEF Planetary Garrison
  • Student of Starbeam Twinkle and Starbeam's Antics teacher
Affiliations MARFOREQ

UEF Planetary Garrison

Status Alive
Killed By Laughing
Death Laughing
Young Admiral
Scarletmarine oc by petirep-d4yglpv
Kind Alicorn
Sex Male
Occupation *Captain Commander, Expeditionary Admiral of the UEFPG
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Young Admiral was the commander of the UEF Planetary Garrison forces. He has the transformation to transform back into a human. Unlike any other officers, he and Starbeam Twinkle were developing friendship between them.

Military SkillsEdit

Two years later, when Calliope creates the UEF but doesn't have the knowledge, and was received a message from the UED-UEF-Dominion-Confederate Council. The UED Council were told by Admiral Calliope that Young Admiral and Starbeam Twinkle are to meet them at Korhal IV. When he arrives in, he was met by Gerard DuGalle and Alexei Stukov. Gerard taught him the same military skills he did during the Defense of Korhal IV.

The Admiral was taught about what Gerard DuGalle did but it was different for him, this only was the skills Gerard told him:

  1. Damage every FS7 colonies and destroying their command centers would brought victory.
  2. To capture two Psi Disrupters differs from the original one.
  3. Using the two machines will disrupt communications and scrambles FS7 star maps.

Formation of the United Earth FederationEdit

When his ally created the UEF on the DSS Aleksander, they receives many personnel from the Terran Dominion, Terran Confederacy, United Earth Directorate.

Formation of the UEF Expeditionary FleetEdit

The Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7 caused mass panicking towards every sectors, resulting in dispatching an expeditionary fleet to:

  1. Damage every FS7 soilder without mercy, and destroy their leader.
  2. Capture two different Psi Disrupters with downloads
  3. Use the two Psi Disrupters to disrupt communications and star maps, to find the Universe and Homeworld of the Rivera Federation Federation Strike 7.

His allies, Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope and Grant V. Sherman, were both confusing. He held the rank, Vice Admiral. When the colonies and command centers were damaged, he focused on capturing two Psi Disrupters, the first was taken by his second-in-command Vassily Aleksander Petrenko who was objected by Samir Duran. His ally creates the first Storm-class battlecruiser - in which it was the same from the one before the credits at the end of Starcraft: Infestation (retained the unknown class battlecruisers the UED used).

Prelude to the FS7 Of EquestriaEdit

The FS7 had only come for the date by a shard that was drifting in space, by an unknown origin. Despite the FS7's defeat, the UEA has ordered Admiral Calliope to retrieve the Shard, only to find a language on it that is not Human made. The Data later led to the discovery of a planet 20 light years away from Earth and the New Earth, a Planet full of colorful ponies. This led to the discovery of the World of Harmony by the FS7.

UEF Liberation of the World of HarmonyEdit

This what led the Admiral gone crazy. This is the one he wanted for, as his fleet damaged and/or intact, he manages to build a Savior-class Fleet Battlestation, by the name "Starbeam". He met up with Starbeam Twinkle.

Vice admiral of the Defense InitiativeEdit

Young Admiral has been leading the Defense Initiative, under the title Vice Admiral. Just like the pictures above, he has three stars on his shoulder boards, this like to mean he is the Vice admiral.


  • His real name is Chris Archangel, most likely based on the role-play.
  • Like Admiral Calliope, he loses his transformation.