Canterlot Castle Hostage Crisis
Location Canterlot, Equestria
Result SoM victory
Template:FlagGDI Global Defense Initiative Cultists Stars of Mir Stars of Mir
Commanders and leaders
Template:FlagGDI Manes Shepherd Maretimer Stars of Mir Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon
Units involved
GDI United Peacekeepers
  • Riflemen squads
  • Missile squads
  • Grenadier squads
  • Sniper squads
  • Zone troopers
  • Zone raiders
  • Commandos
  • Guardian APCs
  • MBT-6 Predator tanks
  • AT-22 Hunter tanks
  • Believers
  • Cult guards
  • Priests
Stars of Mir Armed Forces
  • SoM Infantry
  • SoM Machine Gunners
  • SoM Snipers
  • SoM Light Cavalry
  • SoM Heavy Cavalry
  • Panzer tanks
  • Halftracks
  • 1 XM1209 Command and Control vehicle
  • XM1206 Infantry Carrier Vehicles
Casualties and losses
Heavy All None

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