Bram. United. Land. Locust. Unmanned Attack Drone
B.U.L.L. 2014 Schmatics... Concept by J.Rivera...


Euro Industries


Artemis Empire

Numbers Created:

10's of Thousands

Years of Production:


No's Lost:



  • European Civil War
  • World War III


Hunter Core Rivera

B.U.L.L. The (Bram United Land Locust) is an A.E. unmanned ground vehicle used during the events of both the European Civil War & Third World War.

Description Edit

The B.U.L.L. is a 6-wheeled all-wheel drive semi-autonomous attack drone, and was manufactured from Euro Industries in Northern France. It can ram through most buildings, is equipped with advanced computers, including a synthensized version of a self preservation instinct, with it moving out of immediate enemy fire when attacking. It can carry up to 8000 pounds of armor and ordnance..

Fire Power Edit

The B.U.L.L. is armed with a .90 caliber machine gun and a rocket battery, and attacks targets that have been painted by the the target er.

History Edit

Before the events of the Third World War, B.U.L.L. Arrived with the rest of the Riverian shipment to Earth landing directly in the English Channel, and were manufactured from the European Industries of Euro, Ceaser, Augustus, and Sierra. During the events of the European Civil War, B.U.L.L.'s along with other Unmanned vehicles both air, sea, and land, often brought the war to a complete and utter stalemate, which caused the R.E.S.C.F Holocaust to occur and annihilate the War once and for all.

At some point New Harrison Stole and hacked a B.U.L.L. to fight for the Resistance Group ZLAL. In Numerous battles throughout the United States, Europe, and Russia European B.U.L.L.'s was used against multiple military supply lines and small attack formations, B.U.L.L.'s were known to be one of the worst Unmanned vehicles in the history of Warfare, for they would move at a quick and steady pace, and they were hard to destroy, even with a tank.


  • The B.U.L.L. was the one of the only vehicles to actually be constructed by a Continental during Project A.E, Despite being apart of the Shipment from Rivera...
  • Though in the 22nd Century FS7 Operated A couple Of Old A.E. Locusts, during the events of both the Universal And Rivera Federation War, but had only a grand total of about 4-8...

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