Grant Brown
Nickname(s) BladeSquall
Rank Premium Member(?)
Affiliations DeviantART

800px-Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg United States of America

Status Alive
Killed By Most likely being replied by ScarletMarine
Birth April 10th
Death DeviantART (Because ScarletMarine replies back)
Grant Brown, aka BladeSquall, was a DeviantART Premium Member who found Ponycraft: Friends of Equestria, Sonic Chao Chronicles, Skies of Random Doom, and Ross's Fortune.

Ponycraft: Friends of EquestriaEdit

He is the founder of the Ponycraft: Friends of Equestria, he starts with the Ponycraft Intro, then the mission, then intermission, and the missions and also the intermissions.

Ponycraft: Friends of Equestria charactersEdit

Ponycraft: Friends of Equestria supporting charactersEdit

Ponycraft: Friends of Equestria factionsEdit


  • Equestria



Ponycraft: Friends of Equestria bases of operationsEdit

Story mode/Playable

  • Hyperion - Behemoth-class battlecruiser
    • Hyperion bridge
    • Hyperion canteen
    • Hyperion laboratory
    • Hyperion armory