Federal/Foreign Monarchist-Loyalists Party Black Guards
RA2 Black Guard
Black Guards protecting the Reichstag, note the Reichstag was the Moscow Kremlin


Royal Guards, Defense Forces


Elite military formation


Admiral DuGalle


MEF-UA (Old timeline)
United Earth Federation (New Timeline)


  • Four elite Apocalypse tanks
  • Two sentry guns
  • 300 soldiers
  • One Tesla Coil
  • Two Flak Cannons


  • Calliope's Black Guards (Real-name)
  • Kelly's Stupid Not-Practicing-And-On-The-Run-Guarding Guards Bastards (by Rainbow Dash)
  • The Idiotic Black Guards who are completely compared to Putin's Guards (by Kelly himself)
  • The Guys who saw Kelly playing Surgeon Simulator 2013

For a list of nicknames for Calliope's Black Guards, see here

The Federal Black Guards were the elite military formation under the Navy Admiral. They taken several and various tasks to protect the Fuhrer from dangers. Their main objectives is to face dangers the Navy Admiral foresaw it.

This military was a group of protection squad, or Schutzstaffel, which was capable of protecting anything. They were dissolved, but was found by the Navy Admiral himself.


They were consisted of:

  • Four elite Apocalypse tanks
  • Two sentry guns
  • One Tesla Coil (Powered-up by Four Elite Tesla Troopers)
  • Two Flak Cannons
  • 300 soldiers


  • This is the only faction that has black as a team color, not found in YR and RA2.
  • Their roles was similar to Celestia's Royal Guards, the other being Paffendoft's Black Guards.
  • Their nickname was the Elite Black Guards.
  • They are Kelly's idiots whom "they [the Black Guards] always being completely compared to Putin's Guards".