Battle Against the Unknowns...2172
Unknown Dropship37th Coast Artillery Brigade opens fire on the dropships

April 2nd, 2172

Conflict: The Galactic War

Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz Admiral James Fletcher Rivera Federation Logo Unknown leader

Outcome UEF Victory
  • United Earth Federation First fleet investigates the Unknowns...
  • Small Images of the Unknowns found and collected by Calliope...
  • Investigations speeded up on finding out the Invaders...
Region: Space, Outside New Earth

The Battle of the New Earth was a conflict between the Allied Coalition Directorate of the New Earth, Korhal IV, Tarsonis, and Char; and multiple mysterious groups of strange objects of an unidentified planet. This is the first battle which took place before the FS7 Invasion of Equestria. It was also known to Grant Calliope as the first battle to take place in the Harmony Universe, against forces Unknown.


Before the battle of the New Earth, the United Earth Federation - a young combined Royalty-Enlightened Socialism-Directorate government - has formed its own army, but a UEF Satellites Station has found something strange - unidentified objects passing the New Earth. Thinking the UEF Satellites Station personnel had a glitch on their consoles. But when they cleared the "glitch", they noticed there were still there. Finally learned of not a glitch, they find out seven of them are heading Passed their planet, towards an unknown destination.

This caused the UEF Satellites Station personnel to inform every organizations about what's happening. Yellow alerts were raised to alarm every forces. However, more unidentified objects arrived into the Harmony Universe, and passed the New Earth, towards an unknown destination, the same as the first seven that just passed earlier. Admiral Calliope himself alarms every personnel to start a battle against these unknown invaders, in the far reaches of Space where they planned to block where they are en route too.

Alarms raisedEdit

Air raid sirens sounded throughout the New Earth on the night of April 2172. A total blackout was ordered and thousands of air raid wardens were summoned to their positions. At 3:16 am the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade began firing 12.8-pound anti-aircraft shells into the air at reported aircraft; over 1,400 shells would eventually be fired. Pilots of the 4th Interceptor Command and the UEF 1st Fleet were alerted but their flagship the FSS Olympus opens fire. The combined artillery-battlecruiser fire continued sporadically until 4:14 am The "all clear" was sounded and the blackout order lifted at 7:21 am.

In addition to several buildings damaged by friendly fire, four to five civilians were killed by the anti-aircraft fire, and another three died of heart attacks attributed to the stress of the hour-long bombardment. The incident was front-page news along the places, and earned some mass media coverage throughout the nation.

Press responseEdit

Within hours of the end of the air raid, Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox held a press conference, saying the entire incident was a false alarm due to anxiety and "war nerves". Knox's comments were followed by statements from the Army the next day[6] that reflected General James C. Marshall's belief that the incident might have been caused by commercial airplanes used as a psychological warfare campaign to generate panic.

Some contemporary press outlets suspected a cover up. An editorial in the Long Beach Independent wrote, "There is a mysterious reticence about the whole affair and it appears that some form of censorship is trying to halt discussion on the matter." Speculation was rampant as to invading airplanes and their bases. Theories included a secret base in northern Mexico as well as Japanese submarines stationed offshore to protect the West Coast with the capability of carrying planes. Others speculated that the incident was either staged or exaggerated to give coastal defense industries an excuse to move further inland.

Representative James DuFord of Santa Monica called for a Congressional investigation, saying, "...some of the explanations so far offered removed the episode from the category of 'complete mystification' ... this was either a practice raid, or a raid to throw a scare into 2,000,000 people, or a mistaken identity raid, or a raid to lay a political foundation to take away Southern California's war industries." However, James DuFord was told by Sherman that he's seen kinds of machines dead after taking the unknowns out. It was later discovered that in the far reaches of Space the unknowns have smashed their enemies in deep Space, this word would later be sent down to Grant Calliope. These unknowns began to spread fear amongst the people of New Earth, and they had to be identified at once.

Aftermath Edit

After receiving several transmissions from the First Fleet, Grant Calliope decides to go there himself to investigate who had won the space engagement. His fleet of over 67 ships arrived in the area where the battle took place, but instead of celebration, the all instead had Horror on there faces. This would later be written in Calliope's Journal as the most drastic site ever done by an Invader since the United Earth Federations founding.

The only thing that they found of the UEF, First Fleet was nothing more than forces of the 1st Fleet. Calliope was in complete shock on how this defeat could be possible, but Makarov snapped out of his thoughts and decided to head out into the debris field and start searching for some answers in hopes of finding out, who the Unknowns, are and how they were able not to defeat the first fleet so well, without even suffering any losses.

The remains of the UEF  Evidence FoundEdit

Vladimir Makarov arrived on board the docks of the UEF Nigira, a ship that onced belong to Admiral Fletcher, who was now investigating these unknown Invaders. While scouting the wreckage with a team of five starfighters. Makrov, later discovers floating parts inside. Despite being in too many pieces Makarov discovered that these floating parts were, and had to come from some type of machine, but from what? he thought. Makarov than managed to discover a live Photographer who survived the Plague and was floating in the halls of the unknown, and managed to give his camera to him in hopes on discovering what the UEF were up against.

Despite the camera being ratted out, Makarov ordered 2091riveraisrael to send the Camera back aboard the DSS Alexander for enhancing, in which he did. After which 2091 returned back to Makarov's postion, and the 2 began to scout the remaining wreckage, even going as far to jump onto ships that were drifiting close by. The soldiers of both Star Company, and Torus Company, managed to zero in on the First fleets flagship, the UEF Nym, It was from here that 2091 can tell that the ships took only small bombardments, from sound waves, and not Orbital cannons, which would later strike confusion within the ranks.

Calliope than reported, that he found another live photographer, and began to analyze his camera, Makarov, and 2091riveraisrael found about one more camera, and returned to the DSS Alexander, for analysis on the Unknown Invaders, and how they were so victorious not to eliminate the First Fleet.

Investigations on Unknown FactionEdit

The Evidence found within the grave yard of the First Fleet was examined by Admiral Calliope, and several of New Earth's most top scientists. Young Admiral would later make a small discovering that the Invaders are in fact machines, but there origin and Alloy would still remain unknown, but what ever it was it would appear to be alot stronger than those of the First Fleet in which might have been the answer on how the Unknowns Were the escapees. 2091 later discovered that the damage that was inflicted on most of the hulls were not just from Orbital cannons, but were also from Loud sound waves. The only thing that questioned him is what did the sound waves sound like when they hit the First Fleet only to leave them now unconscious.

Evidence discoveredEdit

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