The Battle of Tarnourus
Battle of Tarnorus
Date: December 2nd, 1997 - October 21st, 1998
Conflict: Far Away War
  • United States
  • Trade Federation
Region: Tarnourus, North America
Status: Federation Victory...
  • Last of the United States military power crushed...
  • Trade Federation strips the United States military of its resources...
  • Surviving soldiers of the United States army are transported to New York...
  • Civilians hiding in Tarnours escape into the mountains...
  • Trade Federation Terraform Tarnourus into a Droid factory...
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Battle of Tarnorus was a major Engagement during the Occupation of Earth fought from December 2nd 1997 to October 21st of 1998, fought between remaining military forces of the United States Military and Occupying Trade Federation forces. The Battle had managed to last for almost 6 years since the fall of Earth where hundreds of American military personal fell back into the deserts of Nevada, and began to fortify and concentrate the largest of their forces around Tarnorus.

For 6 Years the Trade Federation had attempted to conquer and force these remaining American forces into surrender, but strong resistance and defenses would later force this single Trade Federation Legion to retreat, and return with reinforcements. Since April 2nd of 1993, the Trade Federation conducted a long devastating Siege of Tornourus, which would eventually last until 1998.

Despite strong defenses, the American forces eventually scuttled from hunger exhaustion and lack of resources allowing the Trade Federation to begin their offense, and conquer Tarnorus, many Americans in the military were killed in these events, but their deaths were avenged following the destruction of the Droid Control Ship in Orbit 12 weeks later.

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