Battle of Stallion Fields
Glassing Of Stallionfields Fields
Date: December 25th, 2172
Conflict: The Galactic War Second Era
Region: Stallion Fields. The World of Harmony
Status: Universal Generation Victory
  • 89% of Celestia Empire Wiped out...
  • DSS Celestia Lost...
  • Rainbow Dash Injured in the Left Wing...
  • RHM Punk Star Retreats back into Space...
  • Hoof Mountains Destroyed in Orbital Bombardment from Tartarus, Jupiter II & Dagger...
  • Equestria Serverely Weakend...
  • Siege of Equestria commences...
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Battle of Stallion Fields was the first offical engagement between the World of Harmony and the Universal Generation in the fall of 2172, that would later lead up towards the events of the to the fall of Canterlot, and the Siege of Equestria in February 2173.

Prior to the Events Edit


Universal Generation Attack on Stallion FieldsEdit

Several days before the charge at Stallionfields, the Universal Generation landed on Equestria after discovering a fragment in outer space during a massive Engagement against the U.E.A in which later lead them into the discovery of the World of Harmony, where they conducted a large scale raiding party of the entire Stallion region, killing all of it's inhabitants and seizing much of the Hoof Mountains leading all the way up to Wing Ridge which boarders the Pony side of Equestira.

After taking control of the Stallion Fields, the R.F.F.S.7 began digging in most of their forces with large A.A Turrets multiple trenches, and bunkers. Large amounts of android Legions along with vehicle divisions were entrenched in the region where multiple raiding parties were sent outside the Fields to attack and butcher other towns out side the permitter.


Upon their expansion into the mountains the R.F.F.S.7 began to attack nearby villages seeting the towns ablaze and killing most of it's residence before they could escape into the woods. These massive raids would later be discovered by guards of Equestria, but would never find out that they were caused by the R.F.F.S.7 until the Wing Ridge Incident that was about 20 miles away from PonyVille.

The R.F.F.S.7 also managed to attack and saduce Jackletown, where they also killed all of the Jackles in the village, and left it a ghost town. This town would later be the major area where the Mane Six would first contact the R.F.F.S.7, while they would sent out a patrol in order to recon the town.

The R.F.F.S.7 even managed to threaten dragons on in the Mountains while often they would attack their parties without warning while a group of Legions would move through the Mountains in which would delay any other further raiding party on the Pony Side in which the R.F.F.S.7 would later switch their tactics to search and destroy Dragons in the Mountains.

Spike while on a top secret mission to find and learn about the mechanical Invaders after sneaking away from Pony Ville in order to enter the Hoof Mountains would be the first to witness the R.F.F.S.7. getting attacked by Dragons with a Raider Dropship watching over the Battle with both Searchlights shining on the Dragons.

Wing Ridge AttackEdit

Spoke, a Baby Dragon who was in love with Mane Six Member Rarity would be the first to encounter these machines, despite the intense night dimming much of thier appearance away. Spike moved on through the dark forest for the past 10 minutes, It was getting later, and later, and Spike was getting very nervous.

"I should have been home by now, where am I going?" Spike thought to himself as he made his way through the trees. While the baby dragon continued his journey home he heard the sound of a twig snap.

He quickly turned to see nothing but shadows and trees, "Who's there?!" He demanded. No response, the sound of the winds howled throughout the trees. Spike tried to fight his fear and continue on through the forest in hopes of reaching home.

Meanwhile back in PonyVille Twilight has just finished with her studies and all the work that was supposed to be done by Spike. At first she was very upset that Spike hadn’t returned to help her clean, but as the minutes went by she began to worry. “It’s not like Spike to come home this late.” She said to herself while looking at the clock on the wall. “I better go look for him, it’s getting very late.” Without words or hesitation Twilight left the Library in search for Spike calling his name numerous times.

After 40 minutes of searching, Spike was no where to be found. Twilight stopped at the Ponyville square where she sat down, with tears filling her eyes as they began, dropping rapidly to the ground.

“SPIKE!!!!” She cried with all her might, hopping that he would answer her, but no response was heard.

However, back in Rarity’s boutique, Rarity was sleeping peacefully. She was wrapped in her blankets, while smiling in her sleep. To the left of the bed on a rack , contains the dress that her and Spike did a couple of hours ago, she placed it there so she could remember her helper.

Rarity’s peacefully dreams were interrupted by a certain knock on her front door. Rarity slowly got out of bed and began to make her way downstairs to the front door.

“Who can it be in this time of night.” She asked herself as she answered the door only to find a very tearful and worried Twilight Sparkle in her sights. “Oh dear what is it Twilight?” Rarity asked in a worried and sleepy tone.

“Is Spike here? Please say he’s here!” Twilight asked as if she was hopping that her answer would be yes. “No Twilight, Spike is not here. Didn’t he return to the Library?” asked a very worried Rarity.

Without a word, Twilight’s head fell face down in defeat “Where is he?” She asked herself as a tear fell to the ground. Rarity walked up to her and placed her Hoof under her chin and leveled it with her face.

“Darling I’m sure Spike will be okay, he’s probably in Canterlot helping our Princess with notes to send to others across the land.” Rarity said in hopes of trying to calm the purple unicorn as Twilight slowly looked up, her frown was still showing.

“My dear head back and get some sleep, in the morning we’ll find Spike together.” Rarity than added which caused Twilight’s frown to slowly morph into a Smile. She still felt uneasy inside, but she at least felt better.

“Thanks Rarity.” Twilight said hugging her with her hoofs. As Twilight left Rarity began to slowly walk back up to her bed room.

She reached her bed, but not before taking one look at the dress that her and Spike made several hours ago. She slowly whet into bed and covered herself, with the quilts, tears forming in her eyes. “Where are you my little dragon.” Her final words spoke before drifting off into slumberland.

Meanwhile, back in the darkened black forests Spike was struggling to make his way through thick heavy brush trying to hack through using both his claws, and jaws in order to by pass the branches and vines that stood in his path.

“Oh man I’m in so much trouble” he thought. “If I don’t get home soon Twilight is going to shove her rear hooves inside my butt,” As the baby dragon continued through the brush, 2 light red eyes were watching him from the shadows behind the trees. The 2 eyes were later joined by 7 more, as they continued to watch the baby dragon struggle.

Spike gasped when he heard another snap of a twig which forced him to turn around, where he would soon see the 8 eyes spring out of the shadows toward him. The 8 Dark figures were described to be strange beings who walk on 2 legs, with sharp fangs, long hair, strange lights on their bodies, a jetpack body structure on their backs, and an odd looking backwards cap on their heads with 2 horns coming out on each side.

Spike began to quickly hack his way through the Brushes as fast as his feet can carry him, he looked back to see the 2 dark objects chasing him and approaching him with impressive speed. Spike darted outta of the trees and quickly hid himself in a bush.

He carefully watched as one of the Dark figures pulled something out from the Jet Pack, “What in Celestia?” he thought to himself, as he watched the figure pointing the strange object at the bush, and fired.

A dark purple laser shot cut through the bushes nearly almost piercing Spike’s arm. In panic Spike raced from the Bushes, and through the trees again, where he was chased again. He soon discovered that the long light that cut through the bushes was now being followed by shots that were coming in rapidly from behind as if it was being fired at once.

Not realizing where he was going the baby dragon stumbled on a cliff and began to tumble down where he plunged into more bushes below, with the sounds of Twigs and branches snapping from the impact.

Spike slowly got up from the bushes and looked up to see the 8 figures still at the top of the cliff. He than turned to see one reaching into his back and bulling out some strange looking object with a cable attached to it. The Figure looked as if he was gripping 2 handles at the bottom of the Object, and without warning fired a repeating dark Bluish/Purplish proton blast that caught the bush on fire, Spike raced out of the area as the blast followed.

The other 7 dark figures flew into the air with their jet packs and began to pummel lasers on the baby dragon alone. Spike managed to take shelter in a cave, he hopped that the darkness would allow him not to be seen, he watched however as the dark figure’s eyes changed from light red to dark red.

“What in Celestia are these things he thought,” as he gulped. He than began to see them slowly moving their heads left and right as if they are expecting something to happen.

Spike attempted to make his way into the cave only to be shot by laser and Proton fire. Spike ducked in cover while dark purple and blue lights filled then entire blacked cave and lots of rocks began to fall from all around.

“TWWWWWWWWWIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!” Spike’s cries heard were all over Equestria, and the powerful sound waves managed to reach Twilight which caused her ear to twitch and her to wake up gasping.

“SPIKE?!!!” Without word she raced out of the Library following Spike’s cries. While on the way she saw the smoke that was revealed to be the burning bush from the Proton blast. “Oh No, HANG ON SPIKE!!!!” Twilight Cried as she raced as fast as her hoofs can go.

As the sun slowly began to rise, the dark figures slowly entered the cave and found the baby dragon shivering in a large state of fright. One attempted to shoot him, but a strange noise caught their attention.

Spike slowly looked up and watched as the strange beings placed on finger on their heads, than within seconds began to leave the cave.

Spike was now alone filled with fear in his horrific state, but as they entered the light their color was revealed, they looked as if they were some kind of machines, Android machines.

Finally at last Twilight found him, “SPIKE!!!!” She cried taking him into her hoofs while crying. “I was so worried about you, What happened?!” she asked softly letting him go, while wiping the tears from her eyes with a hoof.

Spike was in too much fright to speak and instead hid under Twilight’s hoofs. Without question Twilight took Spike back home and sent him to bed, than left to find her friends, hoping what frightened her baby dragon that night. Spike's Encounter with the R.F.F.S.7. at Wing Ridge would announce their existence to the World of Harmony, but would be seen for the first time at Jackletown by the Mane Six.

Battle Edit

Skirmish In the MountainsEdit

Celestia's ChargeEdit

After Spike had discovered a large FS7 Strike force the night prior, and the Princess Celestia responded with a massive ground and air based counter attack the following morning. The overall goal of the continent of Equestria was to blitz the FS7 Strike Force before the rest of the FS7 Fleet arrived, preventing any solid FS7 foot hold on Equestria.

The main target for Celestia's counter attack was to take out the EMP spires located along the valley ridge. It is important to note that Celestia did not know what the main purpose of the spires were upon attacking. The Mane 6 led the attack on Spire One, deactivating the EMP shield. This allowed the The Lunar Empire to provide air support to destroy A large FS7 Garrison, of MG.42 Nests, and Artillery on the nearby High Grounds.

A massive Joint Lunar and Celta force stormed the Stalion plains towards the FS7-occupied site, attempting to reclaim the land and eliminate all FS7 presences from Equestria. The Mane 6 assisted the Joint assault, with and Applejack via Warthog while Godzilla and Israel provided support from their Falcon.

The assault was soon confronted by heavy FS7 units, which officially initiated the Battle of Stallion. Twilight and Rarity avoided the onslaught by proceeding to their objective via bridge access, which was destroyed by a large group of FS7 DJ's.

Successfully making to the other side, the two Alicorns continued to the Spire and eliminated FS7 forces stumbled throughout their journey.

The Alicorns then cleared a large garrison of FS7 anti-air emplacement allowing for an air strike against Riviera's down below.

Twilight and Rarity headed to the EDollar Mining Facility to assist guard forces in the area, including taking down a high-value Gojira's and a large quality of Hell Lizards. Twilight and Rarity then moved on to destroy another FS7 anti-air battery, after which Twilight joined Rainbow Dash and was carried towards the Spire site.

With no other alternatives of entering the Spire site, Rainbow Dash however was shot in the left wing causing her to spin out of control sendin g both the Pegasus and the Alicorn into the ground below. The pair continued fighting their way into the structure, with Twilight who managed to deactivate the structure's shielding system. Cleared of defenses, Princess Celestia than calls in a MAC strike executed by the DSS Celestia.

The spire's purpose was soon realized as a cloaking device for a Newly constructed FS7 Carrier in low orbit above Equestria. Upon being discovered, the FS7 Supercarrier proceeded to obliterate the attacking Joint forces, destroying the Celestia's heavy frigate, the DSS Celestia with one of its energy projectors, and forcing The Mane 6 to retreat from the battlefield, the Carrier, the RHM Punk Star then retreated into FS7 held space in orbit above Equestria.

Orbital BombardmentEdit

After the loss of the DSS Celestia, Princess Celestia orders a wide spread retreat, ordering her younger sister Luna to block the FS7 In Hot Pursuit...

The FS7 was beaten back several times, allowing Celestia's forces to get away, but Hail Arora Class Destroyers, RHM Dagger, Tarterus, and Jupiter II, Arrived from Orbit and began to launch an orbital bombardment of The entire Lunar Empire, reducing Princess Luna's casualty rates, to the Millions.

Now In complete Panic the Lunar Empire began to drop their Swords, and run, while the FS7 Chased after from right behind.

Princess Celestia who watched from Hoof Ridge about 20 Miles from the Stalion Fields witnessed as the FS7 Glass Ships reduced the entire Field to Fire, along with 88% Of the Lunar Empire. Anger Boiled deep within her heart. "This is No Invasion, This Is Genocide!"

Aftermath Edit

About 5 Days after the failed charge at Stallionfields, The FS7, now massed well armed and dangerous, began to march from the shattered wasteland of the Stallionfields into the Hoof Mountains, where they began to exterminate any signs of life that was located in the mountains. Dragons in the Dragon kingdom that lay just on the otherside of Equestria were attached by the FS7 Invasion, and were easily wiped out by the Invaders.

Out of about 3,000 Dragons, only 22 managed to escape the fires of their crumbling home, as it fell withing hours. Dragon Princess Gotha, was fatelly wounded in the large skirmish, but was rescued by Rivera who manged to fly in and pull her out, costing him to get shot in the wing, and spin out of control where he landed some where in a small ravine below. After occupying Fangtown, The FS7, ended up occupying the Hoof Mountains opening up the way to Equestria up ahead.

Dictator Highland however oredered the FS7 to attack the capital of Canterlot, that was located on the rim of the Mountains, which would be able to open up the road to the rest of Equestria and split the continent in half.

Rivera & Gotha attempted on stoping the FS7 Advance by destroying the Alicorn Bridge that was located In Jades Ridge, but the FS7, still managed to get passed the Mountians with the help of Raider Dropships, including the Murdur of Princess Gotha who later sacrificed herself in order to save Rivera who was about to be shot in the back by an FS7 Sniper hidden in the ridge.

The death of Gotha has been very difficult to Bear, This FS7 Presence in The Hoof Mountains started to get outta hand and Rivera was forced to leave, and retreat back to Canterlot where he warned Princess Celestia in a high pitched voice. "The FS7 Are Comin, The've just taken both the Hoof Mountains and Fangs Town." After hearing such words Princess Celestia order what Defenses she had in order to guard Canterlot with their lives. Rivera than rushed to Princess Luna, who was worried sick and welcomed him with huge open hoofs.

Trivia Edit

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