Battle of Ranov
Battle of ranov by meowjar-d63qhxw
Date: August 18th, 2012 September 23rd, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Russia Prussia
Status: Russian Victory...
  • Nazi Germany second attempt too Invade Russia Crushed
  • Poland retaken...
  • Russian Military remain out of the War...
  • New Soviet Union recover...
Operation: Gauntlet


The Battle of Ranov Was a second Attempt done By Nazi Germany in Invading Russia. The attempts on the Invasion were mostly done due too the Attack that New Soviet Soldiers had conduced on Germany At Lor Fields New Jersey, 6 Months ago On April 26th. The Germans were eventually repelled and Withdrew out of the Continent due too pour weather, and much more rougher Terrain than it was back in the 1940's.

Background Edit

On August 18th, 2012, Nazi Germany had once again launched an Invasion of Russia, but there Advance was stopped at Russland, and beaten back. Despite many attempts too Counter attack. the SS Were eventually out gunned and over run, during the Battle of Ranov, in which fell about 12 days following It's occupation. The New Soviet Union, retook Poland once again and forced the Nazi's back across the Boarder, but before The Russians can once again lay waste too Germany, Castro Halts all Operations and forces the New Soviets too return.

Before the Liberation of Poland, 2 Democratic Germans protected a little girl from execution, right in the city of Tramva, the Democratics also spared New Soviet Prisoners of War, after the fall of Ranov. This attempts in sacrifice would later prove too the 21st Century that even though Nazi Germany is in power once again, It still holds large holds of Democratic Germans fighting Hitler and the rest of the Third Reich.

Before the Nazi defeat in the Russian Federation, On September 16th, Washington D.C. was liberated by a joint force of British, and New Soviet soldiers after landing upon the beaches of Roland Square, in Maryland, forcing the Germans back and out of Maryland, back into New England. The advance was halted once again due too Exhaustion. Both Nazi Defeats in both Russia, and Washington D.C. would mark the end of German Invasion for the rest of 2012.

Prior to the EventsEdit

Nazi Invasion of Russian FederationEdit

Fall of RanovEdit




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