The Invasion of Fourman
Battle of Fourman 2127
Date: April 1st, 2127
Conflict: The Galactic War
Theater: Fall of Regents
Status: U.G. Victory...
  • The Galactic War begins...
  • Fourman conquered...
  • Rohar Federation Declares War on Universal Generation...
  • Universal Generation unless planet wide Invasion from the 4 Soul Nations...
  • The Invasion of Regents commences...
Region: Fourman, Tartarus
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Battle of Fourman was the first, and major opening Engagement which started the Galactic War on April 1st of 2127, which took place right in the city of Fourman that was located on the Europodian Tartarusian border between the Universal Generation and Rohar Federation.

The town fell silent when a group of Reprise fighters entered the Tartarus half of the city and destroyed the Emergency warning station along with several other defenses which stood inside multiple camps on the other side of the Euro Wall.

After the destruction of these defenses, the Universal Generation destroyed the Euro Wall, and launched a full scale Invasion of the Tartarus half of Fourman, this would quickly draw the attention of the Rohar Federation, which were known to establish military strongholds around the city at the time, and attempt to delay the Universal Generation's advance into the heart of the city.

Despite such valiant defenses conducted by the Rohar Federation, the Universal Generation succeeded in conquering 89% of the City leaving the Rohar Federation trapped on the suburbs. In the aftermath of this engagement, the bridges which connected Fourman to the countryside of Tartarus were destroyed, in a bold and desperate attempt to prevent Universal Generation heavy Armor from crossing and Invading. Not long after this engagement, the Universal Generation's Hallwoiea, Harnets, and Gunghollow branches launched their campaigns planet wide around Regents officially beginning the Galactic War.

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