Battle of Ailia Hill
Date: April 9th, 2175
Conflict: The Galactic War
  • Decisive Empire
  • Universal Generation
Theater: Siege of Equestria
Operation: Vengence
Status: Decisive UG Victory...
  • Decisive Empire wiped out...
  • Citizens of Equestria Executed by Universal Generation...
  • Ailia Hill base destroyed...
  • CRATER departs the Universal Genration...
Region: Ailia Hill Equestria
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Attack on Ailia occurred 3 years after the Universal Generation invaded Equestria in the year 2172, on the final months of the Occupation in 2175, when the newly established Decisive Empire were in desperate need of allies, in hopes of ending The Galactic War on Equestria and the U.G aggression that has been plaguing the World of Harmony for way too long.

In a temporary use concerning about 2 months after the Battle of Stalliongrad the Decisive Empire had ordered the request of CRATER Squadron in hopes of having them both attack U.G and Equestrian forces while at the same time rescue citizens on the world of Harmony, who betrayed them later in the process.

The Decisive Empire than planned to hold the Citizens hostage in order to force an end to the Galactic War on Equestria. However before any of these attempts could be made a reality New Harrison and the the rest of CRATER, split up and pursued the Decisive Empire to their main Staging area base on Ailia Hill located on the Inhoof Sound Penisulla just outside Griffin Kingdom.

Rivera saw the Hutt heading to Aillia Hill and informed New Harrison, who moved ahead and began his attack along with the entire Fighter Half of CRATER. After fighting through opposing fighters, The fighter half of CRATER joined with the mercenary Kotha Aslanderson, who backstabbed the Decisive Empire and led them to Porth Hill but withdrew after receiving damage too damage to his fighter.

The fighter side of CRATER engaged the Empire on both the ground, and in the air while the Bomber side of CRATER eventually arrived and provided cover eventually the entire Empire was overrun in the sky and completely wiped out.

Prior to the Events Edit

Battle Edit


As New Harrison and the entire Fighter half of CRATER, approached Borvo's location on Aillia Hill, they were hailed by one of the D.E fighters, warning them to stay away, but CRATER refused to comply with the demand. The D.E fighters subsequently attacked them, but the CRATER fighter half of the squadron proved to be more superior as they shot them down while avoiding their fire and that from anti air turrets. After eliminating that threat, they destroyed a wall of mines blocking his path.

Where Kotha Aslanderson, one of the D.E mercenaries and new come to the Artemis Empire, approached directly in front of the 8 fighters, asking the A.E German pilots not to fire on him in order to give him the chance to explain that he wanted to help. New Harrison and the rest of the Fighter half of CRATER cautiously accepted his help, telling Kotha to lead them to the Heart of the Decisive Empire, in which The 9 flew onward, taking fire from more turrets. Kotha led the fighters of CRATER to the D.E base but had to retreat, having suffered damage to his figher and a weapons malfunction.

Attack on Aillia HillEdit

As the A.E flew in to meet D.E, the empire launched a large Marjority of the rest of their fighters in order to prevent CRATER from springing the base as well as destroying it. It was however weary to the leaders of the Decisive Empire on why CRATER was attacking with only half strength instead of it's normal strength in which would also get most of the pilots of the D.E very nervous. Their worst wishes came true as Bomber half of CRATER arrived to reinforce fighter half. At this very point New Harrison ordered them to attack the turrets while he provided cover, in which the Bombers did at ease.

After clearing the turrets the Bombers than joined the fighters side, where they eventually cleared out the entire sky, leaving the entire conplex vulnrable to attack.

At this moment New Harrison instead of proceededing with the attack the base ordered the Bombers to due the job while him and the other pilots provided cover.

Despite massive fire from turrets, the Bombers delivered heavy damage to the Decisive Empire's main base cause a large explosion setting the entire hill on fire, The main leaders of the Decisive Empire attempted to escape into the tunnel leading towards the United States portion of the Great Links but were killed on the spot by all air craft of CRATER.

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

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