Battle for Morac-Songhrati-Meads

Arrival and battle against the Novaya Equestria

Location Morac-Songhrati-Meads
Result Stellae Mir victory
  • Arrival of the Stellae Mir Asian fleet, codenamed Atlantis
Ratatoskr Machinery

Asgard Company

Deus Ex Machina Industries

United Nations
People's Republic of China
State of Japan
Russian Federation
Asian nations
Republic of Korea
United States of America

Template:Country data Stellae Mir
Commanders and leaders
Template:Country data Ratatoskr Elliot Baldwin Woodman Template:Country data DEM Industries Sir Isaac Ray Peram Wescott Template:Country data Stellae Mir Borealis Norsoutha
Units involved
Ratatoskr forces DEM military forces

Foreign military forces

Stellae Mir armed forces

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