Battle for Liberland
Location Europe
  • Croatia
    • Liberland
Result Novayan victory
  • Independence of Liberland
    • Novayan recognition of Liberland
  • Deployment of Novayan troops to Liberland
  • Successful deployment of H-class battleships, MOBs/JMOBs, railguns, and ATLAS
Template:Country data Liberland

Novaya Equestrian flag.png Novaya Equestria

Template:Country data European Union

Template:Country data NATO

Commanders and leaders
Template:Country data Liberland Vit Jedlicka Template:Country data EU European leaders

Template:Country data NATO Secretary-General of NATO
Template:Country data NATO NATO Military Committee

Units involved
Sovereign Armed Forces of Novaya Equestria European militaries
Novaya Equestria European militaries
Casualties and losses
Moderate Massive; destruction of seven cities near Liberland

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