The Mor Campaign of 2177
The Mor Campaign Of 2177
Date: June 7th - 15th, 2177
Conflict: The Galactic War
  • United Earth Federation
  • Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7
Location: Mor, Harmony Universe

UEF Stragegic Victory

  • FS7 forces repelled...

FS7 Victory

  • FS7 Return a year later and glass Mor in 2178...

The Battle of Mor was a millitary engagement fought between the United Earth Federation and the Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7 on the Equestrian colony world of Mor during the early Fall of the Galactic War in 2177.

Battle Edit


Shortly after the final battle of the Leers 6 campaign, the Continentals and there ships quickly left the system after learning the location of Mor from a second Equestrian fragment buried under Leer 6's north pole. Mor was known to be the Only colony belonging to Equestria, where it contained the same population as those of Equestrians, half humans and ponies alike. Under the suggestion of Princess Celestia, and permission from Admiral Calliope, the United Earth Federation began the great race to reach Mor before the FS7 could tear it apart.

Upon reaching Mor, two FS7 Star Arora class Battlecruisers exited War[ Space, and came into contact with the waiting Earth Federation fleet defending Mor's orbit. Within minutes a large space campaign was unleashed over Mor, the two ships immediately, catching one of them with its shields down and destroying it. However, the United Earth Federation force suffered for its part in the battle. The CSS Man and Frodo were both destroyed, the Arms was venting atmosphere due to damage, and the Celestia suffered severe damage before being assisted by the Spirit of Hope.


he second FS7 vessel was engaged in "surface activity" on Mor, where fear among the Pony, and Human sides of the Poplations caused panic, mostly due to the Equestria campaign back in 2172, and the Earth Occupation in 2169. The FS7 landed in mir seconds attacking civilian targets and Pora City, Mor's capital. The Moran Patrol, the primary police force of Mor, was deployed to counter the FS7 invaders but, being a civilian force, was easily overwhelmed. Star Drop troopers, Red Team and forces under the command of Sergeant Makarov assisted in rescuing civilians, evacuating hundreds to several civilian transports abandoning the city, while 2091riveraisrael kept the FS7 from leaving the city. The FS7, unfortunately, were successful in destroying several of these transports, resulting in massive civilian casualties.

However, despite several repeated assaults, the United Earth Federation was successful in saving at least a portion of the population before being forced to retreat to the city's outskirts, where they were reinforced by Scarlet Marine, and Zeta Company. Makarov's team fortified the outskirts and linked up with several groups of stragglers. These forces, led by the 3 Leaders, 2091riveraisrael, Scarlet Marine, and Makarov, teamed up to destroy an FS7 field base, from which the United Earth Federation survivors suffered several assault attempts by the FS7.

Following this, the United Eadth Federation forces established a base of operations at a deserted Star Legions base in the jungle. They used experimental Missiles to break through a massive dome-shaped FS7 energy barrier concealing several FS7 bases of Operations, The United Earth forces were constantly harassed by FS7 air patrols, but were successful in repelling them. After the shield dome was disabled, the joint operations of Star, Zeta, and Joan Company attacked and retook the FS7 Bases of Operations pushing them back towards Pora City.

Aftermath Edit

Despite the victory, the UEF suffered a major setback as it later discovered that the FS7 had plans for something big, after they siezed control of the Base of Operations, but there Origins on what they were up too remained unknown. Under orders from the Dictator Highland The FS7 began to amass at Braxis for a second strike against Mor, this time of sending 2 ships the Continentals would wind up sending 20 Ships, 15 Star Arora's and about 5, Hail Arora's.

The Second wave proved to be more surpieror, but the UEF regained control of the planet, but now that its location was known to the Continentals, most of its inhabitants abandoned the colony, and fled to Mother Equestria. A small number of colonists remained, establishing the settlement of Aba on the Mi continent, which supplied the UEF with much-needed foodstuffs until the FS7 Third wave came to the colony in 2178, glassing it.

Trivia Edit

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