The Astro 7 Incident was a major disaster that occurred 1 month before the Cat & Mouse Conflict on July 18th of 1991, when a large Asteroid code named Astro 7 that was found and gathered by Moses, attempted to crash down onto the Earth's surface in order to cause a Nuclear Winter.

The plan that was created by Legendary Slapstick Cartoon Jerry Mouse in order to end all War, failed Miserably when the Asteroid collided with multiple other Asteroids while on the way to Earth causing it to break apart and instead rained down On the planet in fragments causing millions to Die, and leaving craters all across North America.

The failure of this Incident would later force Jerry to Invade Earth, and Occupy North America in a bold and desperate attempt to erase War from Existence causing the Beginning of the Cat & Mouse Conflict a month later on August 18th of 1991.

Trivia Edit

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