The Attack on Fort Garron was a Coordinated attack by the Resistance Ponies during the fall of 2174, where the Pony Resistance attempted to try and siege control of the Norus Region in Occupied Southern Equestria, the Operation ended in failure costing the Resistance millions, The FS7's main goals on capturing Rivera for Treason as well as leading to the destruction of both Ponyville, and Canterlot In 2174, the heart of all Ponies In Equestria...

Prelude Edit

Resistance Pony cells are preparing an assault on the abandoned Equestrian Kner Store, which now serves as an FS7 Fortress with thick concrete walls artillery Machine Gun Emplacements, as well as Dragons Teeth. Leader of the group Rivera, attempts to try and seize control of the Fort in hopes of cutting the FS7 Occupation of the South in two, as well as establishing a base of Operations in South Equestria. In defiance of Twilight Sparkle's Orders Rivera amass the Ponies and prepares an attack in the Occupied South, one that will result into the deaths of Millions of Ponies Across Equestria.

Attack Edit

The mission starts out with Rivera, Rainbow Dash and Scarlet Marine in a van. It shows TRainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle talking outside of the van. Twilight Sparkle has no idea of Rivera being in the van as well as Rainbow Dash who the two deliberately Instructed not to fight, tells Rainbow Dash to take care of them (The Team). She promises she will, being confident that Rivera is safe unknowing that he is in the van with the trio. Rainbow Dash tells them they are at the first insertion. Rainbow Dash gets out in hopes of providing Sniper fire, but is surprised, and angry to see Rivera come out of the Van with a captured FS7 R.74 Rifle.

Angered at Rivera as well as worrying about his safety. Rainbow Dash orders Scarlet Marine to send him, back only to be rejected stating that if he went back, the FS7 would suspect that something's up, plus it was a 4 day trip back to Ponyville. Realizing theres no way of sending him back Rainbow Dash has no choice but to accept him in the Operation.

Rivera enters a building and takes postion on the rooftop a guard overwatching the Fort that was known to be well fortified indeed. Rainbow Dash signals Scarlet Marine to ram the van into the entrance. Scarlet Marine rams the van into the entrance while playing "Burning Love" by Elvis Presley. The FS7 then begins to close up on the van. Rainbow Dash tells Tom to launch the Equestrian Blaze shells and it falls on all FS7 forces. As the FS7 are burning and melting into liquid metal, other members of the Resistance storm the parking lot. However, Tom misfires the second Equestrian Blaze shell by accident which lands over the roof where Rivera is. This forces him to jump off of the roof and stomp run through the parking lot filled with burning, and liquid metal bodies. he is than picked up by Rainbow Dash, just before an FS7 DJ had him within of an RPG, and is flown to one of the FS7 guard towers, where they meet up with Scarlet Marine.

An FS7 Raider Dropship fires on the tower while Helo attack Helicopters scan the burning Parking Lot, causing it to collapse. An FS7 soldier walks in front of the team and aims his ARK-78. To his misfortune, he gets rammed by An old European B.U.L.L. From the events of World War III Scarlet Marine orders the others to attack the store. An EMP round fired from a RPG hits B.U.L.L. But the EMP soldiers on top of the store are soon targets of attacks of Rivera.

Despite a heavy firefight in the parking lot the Ponies seem to get the Upperhand against the FS7, pushing them back toward the end of the Lot, where they barricaded themselves in the Store, and nearby smaller stores located just next door. The team then regroups at the front of the store. The Raider Drop ship however makes a surprise return and starts to launch massive air attacks against the resistance alongside the Helo Gunship, but Rivera signals B.U.L.L to shoot them both down. Rainbow Dash, Scarlet Marine, and Rivera than enter the store in hopes of opening the mains doors to let the restiance enter, but the plans changed when the FS7 returned with Rudder-1's, and Strikers forcing Tom to abandon his entry into the stores and divert the Ponies into defending the Parking Lot instead of entering the store.

While making their way through the store as well as facing heavy resistance from FS7 troops, they managed to salvage a couple of Battle Plans, War Info, and Holo Shots. They got through and arrived to find out that the FS7 had plans on killing Princess Celestia and forcing Equestria into surrender, as well as a large lists of Ponies that were known to be KIA In the Millions from all around Equestria. Despite a strong desperate defense, the Fort soon began to receive fire from Hell Bombardments outside, causing panic in the Pony Resistance forcing them to abandon their occupation plan and escape the fort. Rivera managed to escape through the ruins of the fort and meet up with Rainbow Dash who was waiting, where she carries him off to saftey, only to get pursued by Helo Attack Choppers. Rivera than uses B.U.L.L. who was following, the 2 on the ground, and diverts the target indicator onto the Helo's. After one successful strike he destroys several Attack Helos, but another Raider Dropship later shows and attacks them as well Rivera signals B.U.L.L to take it down. The Dropship crashes on a bridge which collapses and destroys the remaining followers, of the Pony Resistance from down below.

Aftermath Edit

The failed raid on Fort Garron led to a large Equestrian wide Massacre of Ponies all over the Continent. Rivera, and Rainbow Dash later regrouped with Twilight who at first was angry at him for not keeping out of the fight like he should have, but being in a panicking situation right now on what was happening all over Equestria, spared Rivera from both girls anger.

Rivera, Tom, Scarlet Marine, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle than return to Ponyville Exhausted and saddened only to be horrified when they see the town in flames, and all of the residents massacred The team is shocked by the scene and are now forced to leave Equestria due to the FS7 Occupation spreading so far out. Their plan of escape was to leave Equestria and escape to the North East which at the time was not underfire. As they reach the ruins of a dead cul-de-sac, in the shattered ruins of Ponyville they get ambushed by the FS7. The B.U.L.L is then used to assist the team in fighting the FS7.

However the FS7 plan of Operation was to destroy B.U.L.L. and attempt to weaken the team of 4, but fails to do so, due to Rivera's Sniping support. The team then fights their way into The glassed Wastelands of the Everfree Forests against RPG threats, FS7 infantry, Striker APC's and Rudder-1's.

While on the way B.U.L.L takes heavy damage after destroying a Rudder-1 and is disabled with it's circuits fried. Tom refusing to leave the unmanned vehicle behind begins repairs. After he fixes B.U.L.L. The team then continue North East and reaches the edge of a sewer river ditch, and witness an even bigger Horror. The FS7 were Glassing Canterlot and killing civilians.

Tom however was soon discovered of his abcents on New Earth and was ordered to return, or he would be relived of his postion. Though Tom refused to leave his friends to die. Surviving members of the Mane 6 ordered him to return to New Earth, stating that he was no longer good to them dead. This new order than forces the Team to divert there escape plan for now and enter the Space port to get Tom back to New Earth.

The team then makes their way through the river, while recieving fire from MG.42's. Despite the heavy losses they managed to break through and reach a small safe house among the ruins of Ponyville where The team then reaches another surviving Pony Cell In Canterlot, after which they then meets with Mane 6 survivor Pinkie Pie and plans the assault on the Space Ports. Rivera clears a path for B.U.L.L by lowering the barricades. As they reached the FS7 space port, Rivera defends B.U.L.L. against the FS7 defending the wall. Despite a strong and desprate defense against the resistance, they armed ponies managed to get the upperhand and over whem the walls defenders at last. Rivera is than lifted to the Roof Top by Rainbow Dash and obtains an R.895 rocket launcher. When B.U.L.L. Is, filled with C4, Rarity, and Spike take control of the Unmanned vehicle and use it to break through the weakend barricade. From there Spike, and Rarity remove the charges as quickly as possible.

After sucessfuly removing all explosives, they climb back aboard the B.U.L.L. as it retreats to a safe distance. Than Rivera fires the rocket launcher into wall,destroying a large portion of it even going as far as to wiping out a grand total of about 30 Fuel tanks on the other side which fuel the Space port. After The entire space barricade explodes the team covers Tom as he makes his way toward a group of FS7 experimental star fighters located in the northen sector of the port. Despite intense resistance, they managed to break through, with Tom blasting off of Equestria and back to New Earth. After which Rivera, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash, capture an FS7 Raider, places B.U.L.L inside and escapes Canterlot heading North East to Erwin City.

Trivia Edit

  • Fort Garron was the only engagement that Lieutenant Tom fought against FS7 On Equestria in the fall of 2174...
  • Rivera despite giving the plan of attack against the FS7 Fort was known to be confinded to his quarters under the direct orders of Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash. It is unknown why he disobayed their orders and entered the Operation anyway....

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