Formation: 2091 - 2299
Status: Alive & Active
Continent Type: Soul Continent
Continental Number:
  • 17 females...
  • 2 Male...
B-State Number: 3
  • Took Over for Europe During the After Era...
Parental Continent: Europe (Deceased)

Arora Is Europe's Replacement Continent and main daughter Continent due to the fact of most of the Continent better known as their own children, being manufactured by Continental's them selves before the time of their destruction.

The Continent has a grand number of 20 States each one with The Newly Constructed Soul Walkers, known as the Rega Continentals. The Continent of Arora lives on during the years of the After Era.

Mixed Races Edit

Riverian HalfEdit

Zaran HalfEdit

After Europe's Corruption Edit

The Spell of 2091Edit

The Children Of EuropeEdit

Arora Before FormationEdit

The Birth Of AroraEdit

Slow Continental FormationEdit

Supporting Europe During CorruptionEdit

After Europe's DestructionEdit

The After Era Edit

Military Edit

Arorian LegionEdit

Arorian Sky DefendersEdit

Arorian Aqua NavyEdit

Trivia Edit

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