Army Group Gryphonia

Heeresgruppe Gryphonia
Expeditionary Army Group Gryphonia

Active 20??-Present
Country Template:Country data Greater Germanic Reich
Allegiance Generaloberst Helena von Windelburg
Branch Wehrmacht
  • Heer
Type Expeditionary army group
Size 400,000
Nickname Helena's Sword
Patron Helena von Windelburg
Colors Black, white, and red
Generaloberst Helena von Windelburg
Chief of Staff General Heinrich von Adler
Generalleutnant Paul von Adler
Army Group Gryphonia, also known as Expeditionary Army Group Gryphonia and later called Helena's Sword, is an army group of the Wehrmacht. Heeresgruppe Gryphonia and Odin Squadron is under the command of Generaloberst Helena von Windelburg with General Heinrich von Adler as her chief of staff. Heeresgruppe Gryphonia is known for its use of stormtroopers, blitzkrieg, and warfares during seasons.

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