The Armistice between the Axis Powers and Allied Powers, the New Soviet Union, the United States of Earth and the League Federation separatists, the United Earth Directorate and the Terran Dominion was an armistice signed on December 14, 2156 and publicly declared war between the Axis Powers, Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope, the communists, and the Allied Powers.


Due to the ULF's attack on the Allied and Axis powers, the separatists, and the communists, this caused a contingency against the ULF. Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope, Grant David Eisenhower, James Churchill, the Allied-Axis-NSU leaders and other leaders have agreed to sign the armistice against the United League Federation with one final objective - to bring David Johnson into the mental hospital (which leads to David Johnson overcoming his insanity).

Signing the treatyEdit

The armistice took place inside the DSS Aleksander. The armistice has been signed after this.

Aftermath and after the treatyEdit

The armistice that was signed caused the seven powers to declare war on the ULF. This led to the Invasion of Earth (War against the ULF and the Colonization of the New Earth and the Colonization of the Great Earth.