Allied Military Garrison in the Hellfire Peninsula

Hellfire Peninsula


Red land


Allied military garrison


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The Hellfire Peninsula Militayr Garrison is controlled by the Allied Forces, which was built after the destruction of the Twisting Nether, which is a target when the Burning Legion were still inside and were later destroyed by the Warp bombs.

Garrison Force CompositionsEdit


The Garrison were located somewhere in the cliffs of the Hellfire Peninsula. Here's the list of structures the Allied Forces built.

  • 1 Regimental Command
  • 3 Infantry Commands
  • 6 Power Generators
  • 2 Mechanized Commands
  • 8 Heavy Bolter Turrets
  • 2 Space Ports
  • 2 Mars Pattern Commands


The Garrison was guarded by multiple garrison forces located in said garrison.

  • 12 Ground Troops
  • 4 Heavy Weapons Team
  • 7 Anti-Infantry Vehicles
  • 9 Main Battle Tanks
  • 4 Super-Heavy Tanks
  • 7 Bomber Aircrafts
  • 9 FIghter Aircrafts
  • 10 Helicopters
  • 6 Armored Personnel Carriers

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