Pre-Equestrian Conflicts


Mid-Euqestrian Conflicts


Post-Equestrian Conflicts

Operation: Sudden All-Out


Mid-Equestrian Conflicts




Equestria, Griffin Kingdom, Zebrica, Camerlu, Boardar, Cervidae, Ibex Empire, Glascow, Gildedale, Germaneigh, Canida, Tapirus Republic


Coalition Directorate results:

  • Massive Fallout battle against Equestria victorious

Faction USMC Coalition Directorate
250px-UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo1.svg United Earth Directorate
UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo1.svg (1) United Earth Federation
UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo2 Loyalist Earth Motherland
800px-Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg United States of America
800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
800px-Flag of France.svg France
800px-Flag of Germany.svg Germany
800px-Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Third Reich
800px-Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945).svg Nazi Germany
324px-Flag Schutzstaffel.svg Waffen-SS
800px-Flag of Russia.svg Russian Federation
800px-Flag of Russia.svg Loyalist Russia
800px-Flag of Russia.svg Ultranationalist Russia
779px-Ultranationalistflag.svg Russian Ultranationalist
Interior ministry Ministry of the Internal Affairs
328px-FSB.svg Federal Security Service of Russia
416px-MW3 FSO Federal Protective Service of Russia

Task Force 141 Non-Disavowed Task Force 141
Emblem-umbracatervae Shadow Company
TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Terran Confederacy - Alpha Squadron
800px-Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg Senator Lamar S. Smith

740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Diarchist Equestria


UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo1.svg (1) Expeditionary Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope
UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo1.svg (1) Admiral Vassily Petrenko
Template:FlagInnerCircle Vladimir Makarov
Faction USMC Assault and lasers General Heinrich Rudolph Absel
Faction USMC Air Force and Helicopter General Marshal Peter Patton
UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo2 Harkov A. Petrenko
800px-Flag of Russia.svg Major Captain Dimitri H. Petrenko
800px-Flag of Ukraine.svg Lt. Capt. Andrey H. Petrenko
250px-UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo1.svg Admiral Gerard DuGalle
250px-UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo1.svg Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov
800px-Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg Overlord
800px-Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg General Shepherd
800px-Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg US President
800px-Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg US Vice President
800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg King/Queen of Great Britain
800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Prime Minister of Great Britain
800px-Flag of France.svg President of France
800px-Flag of France.svg Prime Minister of France
800px-Flag of Germany.svg Chancellor of Germany
800px-Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg/800px-Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945).svg Adolf Hitler
800px-Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945).svg Albert Speer
800px-Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945).svg/324px-Flag Schutzstaffel.svg Hermann Fegelein
800px-Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945).svg Alfred Jodl
800px-Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945).svg Hans Krebs
324px-Flag Schutzstaffel.svg Heinrich Himmler
324px-Flag Schutzstaffel.svg Otto Gunsche
324px-Flag Schutzstaffel.svg Waffen-SS Commander
324px-Flag Schutzstaffel.svg/800px-Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945).svg/800px-Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg The Führerfilly
800px-Flag of Russia.svg Sergeant Kamarov
800px-Flag of Russia.svg Loyalist President
800px-Flag of Russia.svg Boris Vorshevsky
779px-Ultranationalistflag.svg Imran Zakhaev
779px-Ultranationalistflag.svg Victor Zakhaev
416px-MW3 FSO FSO Command
328px-FSB.svg FSB High Command

Emblem-umbracatervae Oxide
Task Force 141 Non-Disavowed Soap
Task Force 141 Non-Disavowed Price
Task Force 141 Non-Disavowed Yuri
TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 General Edmund Duke
Template:FlagMVDHC MVD High Command
800px-Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg Senator Lamar S. Smith

740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Princess Celestia
New lunar republic by makkon-d3hkznn Princess Luna
214px-AiP CM Rarity.svg Stealth General Rarity
437px-AiP CM Applejack.svg Tank General Applejack
247px-AiP CM Pinkiepie.svg WMD General Pinkamena
408px-AiP CM Fluttershy.svg Artillery General Fluttershy
214px-AiP CM Rainbowdash.svg Air ForceGeneral Rainbow Dash
322px-AiP CM Twilightsparkle.svg Spec Weapons General Twilight Sparkle
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Sonic Weapons General Octavia
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Illusions and Mind Tricks General Trixie
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 AmbassadorViolet/Starbeam Twinkle
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Equestrian 5-star Air Force General
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Equestrian 5-star Army General
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Prince/Duke Blueblood
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Shining Armor
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Princess Cadence
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Equestrian 5-star Fleet/Navy Admiral
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Captain/Commander of the Royal Guards
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Military Commander of Equestria
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Security Captain of the Equestrian Security Forces
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Equestrian Department of Home-country Security
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Equestrian Department of Post-Health
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Equestrian Department of Multi-culture
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Federal Defense Service Director
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Special Operations Command Forces High-ranking Commander


Coalition Directorate Armed Forces
US Armed Forces

  • US Army
    • 108th Airborne Division
    • 101st Airborne Division
    • 82nd Airborne Division
    • 1st Armored Division
    • 10th Mounted Division
    • 1st Cavalry Division
    • US Army Rangers
      • 75th Ranger Regiment
    • Green Berets
    • Delta Force
      • Granite Team
      • Metal Team
      • Onyx Team
  • US Marine Corps
    • 2nd Marine Divison
    • US Air Force
    • US Navy
    • National Guard
    • Shadow Company
    • CIA
    • SWAT

Task Force 141
British Armed Forces

  • British Army
    • SAS
      • 22nd SAS Regiment
    • Royal Commandos
  • British Marine Corps
    • Royal Marines
  • Royal Navy

French Armed Forces

  • French Army
  • French Navy
  • French Air Force
  • French Marine Corps
  • National Gendarmerie
    • GIGN

German Armed Forces

  • Bundeswehr
    • German Heer
      • 36th Attack Helicopter Regiment
      • Unknown Tank column
    • Germany Kriegsmarine
    • German Luftwaffe
  • Wehrmacht
    • Luftwaffe
    • Heer
      • Panzer Elite
    • Kriegsmarine
    • SS
      • Waffen-SS

Russian Armed Forces

  • Russian Loyalists
  • Russian Ultranationalists
  • Russian Army
    • Russian Spetsnaz
  • Russian Air Force
    • Russian VDV
  • Russian Navy
    • Russian Marines
    • Russian Naval Aviation
  • FSB
  • MVD
    • ОМОН
    • Internal Troops
      • MVD - Ural District
      • MVD - Internal Security and Military Colleges
      • MVD - Moscow District
      • MVD - Siberian District
      • MVD - Volga District
      • MVD - Eastern District
      • MVD - Management of the Protection of Important Public Facilities and Special Cargo
      • MVD - North-West District
      • MVD - North Caucasian District
      • MVD - Separate Rapid Deployment Division
      • Police Traffic Department/GAI
      • Police of the Russian Federation
  • FSO
    • Presidential Protective Service
    • Kremlin Regiment
  • Inner Circle
    • Chemical Bomb Trucks

UEF Armed Forces

  • 150th Military Battalion
  • UEF Marine Corps
    • 35th Marine Squadron-Regiment
    • 1st/2nd/4rd MEC
  • UEF Armored Corps
    • 15th Powered Infantry Battalion
  • UEF Army
    • 22nd Infantry Regiment
  • UEF Air Force
  • UEF Navy
  • UEF Space Naval Forces
    • UEF Expeditionary Fleet
      • UEF Blockade
      • UEF Strike Team
      • UEF Commando Force
      • Savior/Starbeam-class Fleet Battlestations
      • 21st Marauder Platoon
      • 56th Battlecruiser squadron
  • UEF Forces - Equestria
    • 7th Bn., 5th Military Brigade and SOCOM Forces
      • Marine Forces Equestria
  • UEF Security Service
    • Black Guards

UED Armed Forces

  • UED Armored Corps
    • 1st Powered Infantry Battalion
    • 15th Powered Infantry Battalion
  • UED Expeditionary Fleet
    • Atlas Wing
    • Cronus Wing
    • Unknown class Battlecruisers
    • Unknown class Fleet Battlestations
  • UED Strike Team
  • UED Commando Force
  • UED Blockade
  • UED Science Corps
  • Stukov's Elite Guard
  • UED Battle Fleet
  • UEF Planetary Garrison
  • UED Defense Garrison

LEM Armed Forces

  • LEM Army
  • LEM Marine Corps
  • LEM Air Force
  • LEM Navy
  • LEM Space Naval Forces
    • LEM Expeditionary Fleet
    • Vanguard-clas Fleet Battlestations
    • 2nd Starfighter Division
  • LEM Protective Forces
    • Lightning Guards

Dominion Earth Federation Armed Forces

  • DEM Army
  • DEM Armored Corps
    • 15th Powered Infantry Battalion
  • DEM Marine Corps
  • DEM Navy
  • DEM Air Force
  • DEM Space Naval Forces
    • DEM Expeditionary Fleet
    • Destroyer-class Fleet Battlestations
    • 2nd Starfighter Division
  • DEM Defence Force
      • Thunder Guards

Terran Confederate Armed Forces

  • Alpha Squadron

Equestrian Armed Forces

  • Ponyville Stealth Forces
    • Stealth Tanks
    • "Whining" Trucks
    • Camouflaged "Gem Storm" Superweapon
    • Elite Snipers
    • Spies
  • Ponyville Artillery Forces
    • Field Medics
    • Juggernaut mech Artilleries
    • Heavy base defences
    • Siege Choppers
    • FS-30 Rocket Artilleries
    • RAGE Barrage Superweapon
  • Ponyville Tank Forces
    • APPLE-1 Tanks
    • Mother Of All Apples (M.O.A.A.)
    • Macintosh Anti-Air Tanks
    • Field Mechanics
    • Grand Apple Storm Superweapon
  • Ponyville Super Weapons Forces
    • 1-Pony-Orchestra propaganda unit
    • Topol P-Multiple Warhead Rocket "Cupcake Storm"
    • Inter Continental Party Invitation Superweapon
  • Cloudsdale Air Forces
    • Elite Rocket pegasi
    • RD-22 Fighters
    • Orbital Rainbow Cannon Strike Superweapon
    • RD-62 "Rain-bow"
    • Cloud Control Device Superweapon
  • Canterlot Spec Weapons Forces
    • Elite battle mages
    • Fillydelphia Warp Drive Tanks
    • Wing of Harmony
    • Friendship Beam Superweapon
  • Canterlot Sonic Weapons Forces
    • Vinyl Scratch units (WTF?!)
    • Disruptor - Medium Range Artillery
    • Shatterer Anti-Tank Units
    • Sonic Harmonizer Superweapon
    • Symphony Of Pain Airship
  • Illusions and Mind Tricks Forces
    • Trixie Primes
    • Deceiver Tanks
    • Psychic Mind Control Superweapon
    • Holo-drones
    • Mobile Radar Jammer