[Admiral Calliope Wants To Write A TCB Story]

[TGWDL Headquarters]

[Dictator Horace Highland Rivera]

[March 25, 2012 - 12:08:10AM]

Commander Sherman: Hey guys, you'll not believe it. Admiral Calliope wants us to head towards the T.G.W.D.L. War Room for a meeting. Dunno why the hell he wants us.

Dictator Rivera: Well neither of us shall find out. But don't think Sherman.

Everyone heads towards the War Room, where the rest of the officers are waiting.

General Heinrich Absel: I want to know more why he wants us to be here! Russia?

Admiral der Vassily: Don't know why!

Armeesgruppengeneral Absel: Syria?

Executive Marshal Bashar Al-Assad: No evidences.

General Heinrich Absel: Rivera?

Dictator Horace Rivera: No evidences!

General Heinrich Absel: Equestria?

Princess Twilight Sparkle: I was trying to research about this.

General Heinrich Absel: North Korea?

Marshal Commander Kim Hong-al: Well there's one evidences.

Kim Hong-al stands up.

General Heinrich Absel: Yes North Korea?

Marshal Commander Kim Hong-al: Admiral Calliope wants to write a The Conversion Bureau story, because he felt he wants to put him and the UEF there, acting as the Federal Terran Military Expeditionary Force for the Principality of Equestria to Planet Earth, also known as the Federal Terran Military Expeditionary Force for Equestria to Earth.

Everyone starts to talk about it, until Army colonel Walter Amsel and Expeditionary Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope came in.

Colonel Walter Amsel: Alright everyone! Sit down now!

Everyone goes quiet and sits down.

Admiral Calliope: Listen up, folks. I am planning to write down a TCB story, if you object it you're all my victims of my Kelly-Antics. I am planning to put human forces that had a likening to Equestria rather than the Human Liberation Front.

Everyone starts talking.

Admiral Calliope: Shut up or I'll cause incoming antics on you!