The Artemis Imperial Line of Tanks also known as The Line of Panzers was large group tank classes that were constructed by the Artemis Empire during Project A.E, and were made up of several different Panzers that were first produced during the Artemis Era after the arrival of supplies from Regents in the year 2012.

Each Panzer is listed below with the exact date, History and service of the vehicle which would eventually last through the entire European Civil War, up to the Third World War, though many were destroyed, some had managed to survive in order to make it to museums around the world, while at the same time still acting as the main battle tanks for the Artemis Legion, after the fall of the Artemis Empire in 2029.

History Edit

The line of Panzers were first created in eight different classes before the European Civil War and Third World War, where three classes were constructed during Project A.E, while the other five were constructed, during the end of the European Civil War, and opening of the Third World War.

The A.E were able to successfully outmatch military powers world wide, which each new panzer they constructed, but as the war started to turn against the Europe, by 2027, the line of Panzers eventually ceased operations by 2028, after the creation of the Panzer VIII.

After World War III had ended, the line was scrapped and shelved, but multiple tanks tat had survived Europe's near destruction in 2029, were gathered and placed in military museums, while others continued to Operate in the European Artemis Legion, a military power that was established after the fall of the Artemis Empire.

Tank Catalog Edit

Panzer I 1947 - 2019
Panzer I's were the first known tanks to ever be constructed by Europe in the late 1940's, marking it the first tank ever in the Artemis Empire, before it's establishment in 2014. These tanks were once the main battle tank for the Artemis Empire, but many of these tanks were lost during the European Civil War, at the end of the R.E.C.E.S.F Holocaust in 2019, but these tanks were quickly replaced by the Panzer III, by May 2nd, 2019.

These tanks were still operational during the Third World War, but held a role in defensive tactics, in order to defend Europe from Invasion, while the Panzer III's conducted the Offensive tactics, but as the War came to Europe once again in 2028 to 2029, they were eventually assumed into offensive vehicles.

At the end of the Third World War, Panzer I's were one of the surviving Tanks to be displayed in military museums across the world, where 4 Panzer I's were left in existence after the war...

A.E Panzer I
Panzer II 2014 - 2029
The Panzer II's were developed in the early to mid 21st Century, in order to replace the aging Panzer I's, but these tanks were shown to be lightly armored, but faster and more maneuverable.

During the European Civil War, Panzer II's were easily able to outmatch Panzer I's, and were widley commissioned by the Artemis Empire in all nations as the A.E's light tank in the A.E Line of Tanks catalogs. However 89 percent of Panzer II's alongside Panzer I's were lost when the RECESF Holocaust came in January of 2019, and had to be replaced, like the Panzer I, despite its low number, Panzer II's also took part in the Third World War, fighting along side its Successor Panzer III's.

Only one Panzer II had managed to survive the entire Artemis Era, and is currently on display at Cape Canaveral Florida's newly established military museum about 4 miles from the space port.

A.E Panzer II
Panzer III 2019 - 2091

The Panzer III, was the main battle tank for the Artemis Empire's main ground forces, with intense armor and speed, the Panzer III was a deadly vehicle with intense fire power. The Panzer III was rivaled by the American Muck Crawler, which was designed in the same basic principle, only with the Crawler being more smaller then the Panzer III.

Though heavily armored, the Panzer III contains weakness in the sides, which a single rocket attack would cause it's destruction, but this event would not be enough for the A.E to scrap the tanks. The Panzer III, continued to remain in service throughout the entire war despite being replaced by multiple tanks, even after the War had ended in 2029, the Panzer III was used by the Artemis Legion until the year 2091 where they were eventually retired. In 2033, 22 were Panzer III's were given to Zanzibar and were left on display in camp Tayrai, 4 miles south of Kizongo.

As of 2030, just one year after the war's end, 14 Panzer III's were confiscated by the Americans and are now on display in the American Museum of futuristic technology and advanced weaponry in Mortion, Florida.

A.E Panzer III
Panzer IV 2020 - 2029

The Panzer IV, was an Amphibious tank built by Euros Industries in order to act as a lighter and much more durable tank in order to be used against lightly fortified targets, and A.E Landing operations against beaches or river shorelines. This tank was never used in the American Campaign, but was widley used during the Russian Theater, when the A.E Invaded Russia, in 2021, in retaliation for the Russian failed Invasion of Poland 2 years prior at the end of 2019.

During the Russian Theater, the Panzer IV, was a wide sucess in establishing beach landings for the A.E while at the same time crossing rivers, where the Panzer III's could no longer navigate across, at the end of the Third World War, the Panzer IV was one of the surviving tanks that were left in military museums, about 5 were taken by both the United Federal States of America, and Japan, and were house in both the museums of Military History in Dallas, and the Museum of Technological advances in Osaka, Japan.

The Panzer IV, was the only known Amphibious Tank ever developed in the Artemis Imperial Military, no other tank was ever designed for crossing rivers or conducting beach landings.

A.E Panzer IV
Panzer V 2021 - 2029

The Panzer V was constructed during the Invasion of Russia, in 2021, where it was mostly noticeable by it's giant rail gun like turrets. The Tank was heavily armored, and was one of the biggest tanks constructed by Minority Industries in Italy. It was the largest tank during the Third World War until it was surpassed by the Panzer VIII, during the final months of the Third World War during the Second European Theater.

The Panzer V, was mostly targeted by the Russians, during the War, in hopes of dropping the production line, as it was later proven that the tank was very strong and tough to take down with RPG's. The Tank also saw action during the Pacfic Theater, and once during the American Theater during the Battle Third Battle of Haris Fortress, before it was destroyed.

At the end of the War, only 2 Panzer V's survived the THird World War, and are now museum vehicles in both Minrick, New jersey and Tokyo Japan.

A.E Panzer V
Panzer VI 2024 - 2026

The Panzer VI, was a tank that was currently under development in the mid years of the Third World War, that was schedualed to replace the Panzer V. About 39 to 50 Panzer VI's were constructed from 2024 up until 2025, However the Invasion's of Russia since 2021 and America in 2024 would further halt the production of the Panzer VI, but production officially ceased by 2026, when the A.E was defeated on Gorgeoulous Island, and the European resource economy began to collapse.

The Panzer VI's mass production line was cancelled by 2026, The tank was then replaced instead by the Panzer VII, that was constructed that same year in 2026, after the war, all traces and documents concerning the Panzer VI were lost, along with all data streams on the tank's productional history. The 30 to 59 Tanks, fought in the remains of the American Theater, up until the end of the Third World War, during the Second European Theater.

A.E Panzer VI
Panzer VII 2026 - 2029

The Panzer VII, was designed and developed from Euro's Industries in France in 2026, immediately after the cancellation of the Panzer VI. This tank was the second vehicle in the Artemis Imperial Tank catalog, to obtain four tractions, while the first was the Panzer VI. These Tanks, were used by the A.E In order to conduct escort missions, when supplying their forces with resources from the remaing ore mines all around Europe, they were also meant to provide an extra punching power in order to assist APC escorts.

Despite being designed for Escort purposes, the A.E also used these tanks in frontline purposes in order to cover infantry along side the Panzer's III, II, and IV. After the war, the Panzer VII's were all found and dismounted by the United Federal States of America, leaving no trace of the Tank's presence on Earth.

A.E Panzer VII
Panzer VIII 2029

More heavily armored and bigger then it's predecessor, the Panzer III. The Panzer VIII was the most deadliest tank in the Artemis Imperial Aresonal, it's intense armor, and heavy fire was able to rip cleanly through the world's most advanced and heavily armored vehicles, created and developed from Germany in 2029, the Panzer VIII, was mostly used in the final months of World War III, during the Second European Theater, these tanks were the key in the defense of vital regions in the heavily corrupted nation.

Many of these tanks were immediately dismantled by the end of the Third World War, but 3 had managed to survive the destruction of World War III, and become displayed as military historical land marks in the Military museum of Kyushi in Japan.

A.E Panzer VIII


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