2nd Boxer Rebellion
Location Chineigh
Result Coalition victory
  • Complete destruction of the Red Lanterns
International Coalition Template:FlagRighteousHarmonySociety Militia United in Righteousness

Template:FlagQing Qing dynasty

Commanders and leaders
Legations Quarters

Seymare Expedition

Luna Expedition/Occupation Force

Marerussian Occupation of Manechuria

Template:FlagQing Empress Dowhiner Cixi

Template:FlagQing Prince Huan
Template:FlagQing Neigh Shicheng †
Template:FlagQing Mane Yukun
Template:FlagQing Qing dynasty members
Template:FlagRighteousHarmonySociety Cao Futmane
Template:FlagRighteousHarmonySociety Neigh Maneqing

Units involved
~210,550-550,990 total Template:FlagRighteousHarmonySociety 100,000-300,000 Boxers

Template:FlagQing 100,000 Imperial troops

Casualties and losses
Thousands of lives Hundreds of thousands of lives
  • Red Lanterns destroyed

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