2051 military intervention in FS7-controlled Libya
Location FS7-controlled Libya
Result ULF-Allied Victory
  • FS7 Forces pushed back into space
800px-Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg United States of America

800px-Flag of Russia.svg Russia
800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
800px-Flag of France.svg France
800px-Flag of Germany.svg Germany

Template:FLagULF United League Federation Rivera Federation Logo Rivera Federation
Commanders and leaders
800px-Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg Barack Obama

Template:FLagRussia Vladimir Putin
800px-Flag of Russia.svg Dmitri Medvedev
800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Prime Minister of Great Britain
800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg King/Queen of Great Britain
800px-Flag of France.svg President of France
800px-Flag of Germany.svg Chancellor of Germany

Template:FlagULF Commander Chobit

Template:FlagULF Vice Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope

Rivera Federation Logo Dictator Horace Highland Rivera
Units involved
US Armed Forces
  • US Army
    • 101st Airborne Division
    • 82nd Airborne Division
    • 1st Armored Division
    • 7th/8th Armored Division
    • 10th Mounted Division
    • 1st Cavalry Division
    • US Army Rangers
      • 75th Ranger Regiments
        • Hunter Company
          • Hunter 2-1
    • Green Berets
      • ODA Foxtrot
      • ODA 595
  • US Marine Corps
    • 2nd Marine Division
    • 1st Marine Force Recon Battalion
  • US Navy
    • US Navy SEAL
  • CIA

Russian Armed Forces

  • Russian Army
    • Spetsnaz
  • Russian Air Force
    • VDV (Airborne Troops)
  • Russian Navy
    • Naval Aviation
    • Naval Infantry

British Armed Forces

    • British Army
      • SAS
        • 22nd SAS Regiment
      • British Commandos
  • Royal Air Force
  • Royal Navy
    • Royal Commandos

French Armed Forces

  • French Army
  • French Navy
    • French Marine Corps
  • French Air Force
  • National Gendarmerie
    • GIGN

German Armed Forces

  • German Heer
    • 1st Tank column
    • 36th Attack Helicopter Regiment
  • German Luftwaffe
  • German Kriegsmarine
ULF Armed Forces
  • ULF Army
    • 22nd Infantry Regiment
    • 1st Infantry Battalion
    • 2nd Army Group
    • 1st Cavalry Battalion
    • 8th Armored Division
    • 10th Armored Division
    • 4th Airborne Division
    • 11th Attack Helicopter Regiment
    • 87th Defense Helicopter Regiment
    • 7th Artillery Division
    • 4th Cavalry Division
    • 7th Army group
    • 1st Artillery Battalion
  • ULF Marine Corps
    • 2nd Marine Regiment
    • 4th Marine Task Force
    • 1st Marine Group
  • ULF Navy
    • 1st Blockade Fleet
    • 7th Attack Fleet
    • 10th Defense Fleet
    • 15th Landing Fleet
  • ULF Air Defense
    • 4th Air Defenders
    • 6th Air Defenders
    • 79th Anti-Air Regiment
    • 1st Anti-Air Regiment
FS7 Armed Forces
  • FS7 Army
    • Jennetta 3rd Cores
    • Rivera North Cavalry
    • Attacker Group 89
    • Ark Assault Divisions Columns
  • FS7 Luftwaffe
    • 89th Hell Cores
  • FS7 Navy
    • FS7 Ocean Navy (Rudder 2's)
      • Joint Sea Cores
  • FS7 Armored Corps
    • 59th Medium Armor Divisions
    • 70th Armored Cores
    • 43rd Yiera Armored Cores
    • Joint Armored 89
    • 89th Hell Cores
987,598,576,000 897,346,980 456,985,450
Casualties and losses
None 1 wounded All forces

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