12 Hour War
Date January 11, 2014
Location The Pokemon world
Result Decisive Novayan victory; total capitulation of all Pokemon world's governments and Novayan occupation of the Pokemon World
Novaya Equestrian flag.png Novaya Equestria Pokemon world's governments
Commanders and leaders
Novaya Equestria Imperial Council of Novaya Equestria Pokemon world's leaders
Units involved

Equestrian Defense Force

Pokemon world's militaries
Casualties and losses
Unknown Massive human casualties
"Maxis... He's the Administrator of this whole vile business now. He ended the Twelve Hours War by managing the Pokemon World's surrender. The Novayans rewarded him with power."
— Giovanni, Team Rocket administrator

The Twelve Hour War was a brief but decisive confrontation between the Imperial Military State of Novaya Equestria and the governments of the Pokemon world, ultimately leading to a large human death toll and the Novayan occupation of the entire planet.


The war itself is never discussed directly, but it is mentioned briefly by Professor Oak in Viridian City. A small corkboard featuring several annotated newspaper cutouts and images was seen, including a photo of a visibly damaged Ranger Union headquarters, causes him to reminisce over the events during the war.

Very little is known about the war except that it began some time after the Portal Storms which raged across the world. These disturbances spread foreign life forms across the world, causing populations to move into cities for protection. Attracted to the Pokemon world by the dimensional rift caused by the Pokemon Crime Incident, the Novaya Equestrian Imperial Military State, a vast imperial fascist militaristic equestrian state, launched an invasive force that overpowered the planet, catching the human population by surprise and defeating all of its armed forces in only twelve hours. It was after this that Maxis, Team Magma administrator, negotiated a surrender, leading to a subservient and meager existence for the Pokemon world's remaining human population under the oppressor and "saving" the survivors at the cost of their freedom. Maxis was appointed administrator of the Pokemon world but remained under the control of the Imperial Military State, the founding nation of the Greater Novayan Reich.

The exact manner in which the Novayan forces invaded and conquered the Pokemon world during the war has not been revealed, but Maxis describes a concept where Citadels were to be teleported directly to the world. Once they had landed inside human cities, they began deploying Novayan armies from within:

"There was an illusion of safety, for a time. And then the Citadels appeared. It happened in a split second, all over the world. A chunk would disappear from the center of a city, to be replaced an instant later by one of these... headquarters for the Greater Novayan Reich. Invasion Central."
— Maxis, Administrator of the Pokemon World

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